Tuesday, January 26, 2010

King of the Hill

As a recovering Cubs fan, I still hate the Cardinals. Hence, I was ecstatic when they signed Matt Holliday for way too much money for way too many years. It was like the reverse feeling of when the Cubs signed Alfonso Soriano (Although, how hilarious would it have been if the Angels hadn't outbid the Cubs for Gary Matthews Jr.).

Unfortunately, the Cardinals made an awesome move today by signing Rich Hill to a minor league deal. Combining a guy with that much talent and Dave Duncan who does a great job of getting pitchers to hit the strike zone (Hill's biggest weakness) is going to be awesome for the Cardinals. If Hill stays healthy, I think he'll probably start the All-Star Game, win the Cy Young, and fix the health care system in the United States (or he'll throw up about a 3.70 ERA and strike out nearly a batter per inning). He's that good. Congratulations Cardinals, I won't be able to cheer Rich Hill anymore, but I still have one of my boys, as I think Mark Prior is just about ready to recover from his injuries.

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