Monday, January 18, 2010

Much Love For The Needles

Steroids are a good thing. This is an undeniable truth. When taking them, you can gain strength and muscle mass without lifting a single weight. That is awesome. Combine them with an extensive workout program and people see astronomical results. Since it is such a powerful drug, it is great for people with terminal diseases to help slow down the process of their body dwindling away.

Most people will talk about the side effects of steroids without really knowing what they are talking about. Steroids are fairly safe as long as the user takes a prescribed amount. All the studies that show heart disease, liver damage, and shrinking testicles are based off excessive use of anabolic steroids. When taking a reasonable amount, people can get the benefits with very little risk. Now I do say very little, because all drugs have risks. People can die taking aspirin, shit happens when taking any drug.

The reason that this is being talked about so much is Mark McGwire coming clean and admitting steroid use during his career. I applaud him, not for confessing, but for taking steroids. This guy was willing to take a foreign substance just to help him stay in the game and perform at the highest level. There was no testing for it, and he was willing to take the risk to make himself and his team better. I hate the Cardinals, but his 70 home run season should count as well as Barry Bonds's 73.

A lot of people call it cheating. But cheating happens. You can't diminish somebody's accomplishments for simple cheating, because everybody cheats. If you aren't cheating, you aren't trying.

Performance Enhancing Drugs have run rampant in baseball for years, from greenies to cortisone shots, these are things that help players play and play at the highest level. Nobody gets blamed for having a little pick me up, and coritsone shots aren't going anywhere.

I wish the entire Cubs roster would have taken steroids if it would have gotten them a World Series. My boy Glenallen Hill did, and I love him even more for it. There is nothing that would taint a World Series victory for me.

Personally, I have absolutely no health concerns about steroids. The reason I don't use them is because they are illegal in the United States, but I certainly wouldn't shame anyone who did.

Also, if anybody wants to see an awesome documentary on Steroids, check out Bigger, Stronger, Faster.


P.S. Remember steroids are the only thing you can put in your butt without it being gay.

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