Thursday, February 25, 2010

Random Thoughts

I am now positive that Matt Gatens doesn't give two shits about this season. I wish I could blame him.

Right now, Archer is the funniest show on television. Also, if you are on Twitter, I would highly recommend following Sterling Archer @codenameduchess

She's Out Of My League will probably be a good movie due to the fact that it made theaters without any real celebrities in it. That's always a good sign.

I don't believe in Bulaga as a first round pick. He wasn't Iowa's best offensive lineman this year (Riley Reiff was), and I would worry about what people are expecting from him.

I LOVE Dace Richardson as a late round pick. He was owning people before he got hurt, and he has the athleticism to be a great guard in the NFL.

After reading the book, Into Thin Air, I realized that I have no desire to ever climb Mt. Everest. It just seems like an awful experience (and that's even if a third of the people in the book didn't die trying).

John Shurna looks like a mentally handicapped kid with muscular dystrophy. Take that Northwestern.

Last, I'm extremely curious who's all reading this, so if you haven't talked to me about it, let me know. Drop me a message, leave a comment, or join total badasses Scott Burdsall, Kevin Foley, Tony Sims, and Jim Swanson as followers.



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  2. Just made a login name, i read everytime, buluga intrigues me too, when i heard he was going probably in the top ten, i was surprised

  3. Shurna looks like the offspring of pepperoni pizza siblings who had a child together.

  4. Joe - I too am unemployed and enjoy reading your blog because it makes me feel good about not having a job. At least I don't live with my parents.

    Love, Adam Christy