Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Quick Thoughts

First off, something that I forgot about Todd Lickliter's firing was put brilliantly in this post at Black Heart Gold Pants. I'm glad I'm not the only person who had trouble differentiating Iowa's backup point guard with Evan Turner.

From Basketball Prospectus, a more serious look at Lickliter's firing.

Here is a link to a six-part series on the decline of Iowa Basketball.

I was going through the NCAA basketball bracket (still can't find Iowa) and was shocked when I saw that Syracuse would have to play their arch-nemesis, Vermont. In this epic game, my buddy, who I will refer to as Simple Peck, screamed for Boeheim to rally his troops against Vermont as he picked them for the Final Four. When Vermont finally defeated them, in a drunken, Panama City induced stupor, asked "Where's Vermont anyway? Connecticut? New York?" I feel the public school system failed him. But because of this memory, I may pick the first ever 16 over 1 upset in NCAA history.

Every year, I like to pick a surprise entry into the Final Four, because it gives me a team to cheer for as they make their way through the brackets. Well, that is ideally what would happen if they advanced at all. Last year, it was Tennessee, this year, it's BYU. When filling out a bracket, don't pick BYU.


P.S. Last night, I had a dream where I came up with the idea of a bar where only in-shape people could come in, and wowee, there were some promiscuous ladies at my bar. It was awesome.

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