Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Six Worst Types of People on the Planet: Part 4

This group of people really doesn't belong this high on the list, but they definitely deserve to be a part of the list. The reason they're technically so high is I had to truly prepare myself to research the worthlessness of these people. I found out that they are extremely worthless, but outside of killing their own clown babies, they're relatively harmless. So let's go into talking about these atrocious people.

2. Juggalos - For the uninformed, Juggalos are the group of people that are fans of the Insane Clown Posse (ICP). They make vampires look cool. The question that keeps coming up in my head when it comes to Juggalos is how stupid do you have to be to follow people as stupid as ICP? Here is a video of ICP's most popular song to show you how stupid they are:

If you made it through that, congratulations, you won't make it through this video of one of their Juggalo fans.

If you can't make it through this, and really, you shouldn't be able to, I'll explain. Since she's a Juggalo, she's stupid. Since she's fat, she didn't know she was pregnant for six months. Since she's fat and stupid, she took drugs during the first six months of her pregnancy. She then decided that it was the doctor's fault that her baby was pronounced dead thirteen minutes after her birth. The only thing to say after that is move over Lou Gehrig, that dead baby is the luckiest person alive, because death for that baby is way better than having to live with Juggalo parents. Plus, the baby was probably high as fuck throughout the entire pregnancy, so that's pretty tight too.

Want more information on Juggalos? They love Faygo soda (Note: That link may make you vomit). Why? That's the things with Juggalos. You should never ask why, because unless you're willing to literally dumb yourself down to the point where you can't feed yourself, you will never figure out why they do anything.

And that pretty much sums them up, they love painting their faces, listening to ICP, and Faygo soda. These are incredibly stupid people who have been linked to some violence, even though ICP says they are against violence despite all of their songs being incredibly violent. The scary part about Juggalos is that they see this as a religious experience. Combine that with retard strength and they can be much more dangerous than the other people on this list. Still, they're such a small group that they probably could be put lower. And hey, at least they don't chug Smirnoff.


P.S. Fo Sweeeeeet!

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