Monday, July 26, 2010

Quick Thoughts: Sports Edition 2

I feel like Anderson Silva has had the perfect opponents for him to have such a dominant run. The only two guys who could provide matchup problems were Nate Marquardt and Dan Henderson. Marquardt got caught early and lost. Henderson dominated the first round, but then went away from his gameplan, got rocked, and then choked out. Chael Sonnen is a bad matchup for Anderson Silva. If he sticks to the gameplan of taking him down, working to pass guard and doing ground and pound, there's no reason he can't win that fight. Also, he gets more and more awesome everyday. He was asked what he thought about people thinking he was homophobic for making comments about Anderson Silva wearing a pink hat. His response was priceless:
Chael Sonnen: That's the first time I've heard that, so let me put you on the spot. What does homophobic mean?
Greg Savage: Scared of homosexuals.
Chael Sonnen: Do you know one living person who is SCARED of a homosexual?
Greg Savage: (Laughing) No.
Chael Sonnen: So the term is just silly. You and I together don't know anybody who is scared of a homosexual, so it's really just a ridiculous question.

I am going to try incredibly hard to work that explanation into any conversation that I have.

It has been a depressing time for MMA right now as no big fights have happened since Lesnar beat Carwin. I think I'm becoming a junky, because when I can't get any of the good stuff, I'll still watch Ken Shamrock vs. Pedro Rizzo or even women's MMA if it's on. Also, I'm not sure if it counts, but I did watch the entire fight that happened in the Burger King parking lot. But the UFC has events the next two weekends, and the first one in Versus should be solid, but the following week might be the best card put together since UFC 100.

I finally bought a new video game for my PS2 (yes, that's a 2, not a misprint) when I got NCAA Football 11. It's really fun, but it's also got me thinking about college football in depth. One team that stands out as overrated in my opinion is Wisconsin. They got destroyed by Ohio State and the Hawkeyes handled them on the road. They also lost to Northwestern. I know they are returning just about everybody, but I just don't see how that makes them that much better. I think Scott Tolzien is extremely overrated and although their offensive line is very good, I don't see it as great. I think this will be a very disappointing year for Badger fans. The Big Ten has a lot of solid but unspectacular teams, so they could still come in third, but I feel this is a Big Ten that comes down to Iowa vs. Ohio State at Kinnick.

Other teams that I see disappointing are Oregon and Nebraska. Oregon could still have a solid season in what is a very soft PAC-10, but Nebraska is going to be exposed. They have a solid running game, but otherwise, their offense sucks, and for some reason everybody thinks their defense will be just as good if not better this year. They lost the best player in college football, call me crazy, but I think that's going to hurt them.

I would say that the team I am most worried about for the Hawkeyes (non-Buckeye version) this year is Michigan. Michigan has a ton of talent, and it's starting to be guys who were made to succeed for Rich Rodriguez. I know he has been a disaster as a coach so far, but he built West Virginia into a powerhouse without having the allure of tradition that he has with Michigan. They'll be ridiculously athletic and could cause teams problems, but their defense definitely still sucks so they're going to have to win shootouts to be competitive.

Although the Cubs should either rebuild (slim chance) or follow my advice (no chance), they need to at least try to trim payroll with their veterans any way that they can. Jim Hendry should not be concerned about the prospects coming back if people are willing to pony up all the cash to pay these guys for the rest of the year. Also, outside of A-Ram, any non-arbitration player they have should be traded if somebody is willing to make the deal. Unless of course the Cubs can pull off a deal like the Angels got with Dan Haren, I think Jeff Samardzija and three nobodies should get us Josh Johnson.

I wish there was a site that would report rumors of prospects being traded. I don't give a shit who wants Ted Lilly from the Cubs, but I am interested what prospects the Cubs want in return for their veterans. That would be an awesome website.

That's all I got.


P.S. I've been watching a movie the last few nights called Control Alt Delete. It's about Y2K and a guy who drills holes into his computer so he can have sex with it. The only thing I know about the movie is that it's disturbing. It's not really funny, but it's not really bad, and it's also not very good, but I'm hoping to have some sort of opinion about this movie once I finally finish it.

P.P.S. Owen Maestro answered more kids' questions, and although it isn't quite as strong as the first video, it may have a few moments that stand out a little bit more. My second favorite exchange was:
Child: Has there ever been women doctors?
Doctor: Of course there are women doctors...but they're called nurses.
But the best one is definitely at the end of this video.

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