Tuesday, August 10, 2010

People I Love - Chapter 2: Laura Ramsey

Although this blog is usually hate-filled with things that bother me and should bother you, today, I am switching it up again and bringing the love. When you think of reality television stars, it's extremely difficult to think of anyone having success outside of that show. Seriously, unless they were a celebrity coming into the show or it was The Ultimate Fighter, nobody has built on their status after the world of reality television.

That remains true with the person that I am going to talk about today, because she was not in reality television, she was in a reality movie. Laura Ramsey starred along 15 other young adults in the cinematic masterpiece, The Real Cancun. This was a project for MTV to break into the big screen, and it was an unmitigated disaster. It absolutely bombed at the box office, and I must admit that I am partially to blame for this. I'm not sure how it happened, but I decided I'd watch the movie just to see how bad it was. It's amazing. It's easily the most entertaining documentary ever made, and it got absolutely robbed for not winning an Academy Award. So, please, go watch this movie.

The reason I love Laura Ramsey is that she went into this movie as a simple girl from Wisconsin looking for a good time, was in a total clunker of a reality movie, and somehow moved out to LA and made a career for herself. Just a year later, she had a feature role on some show called "The Days". Unfortunately, that show lasted all of six episodes.

But somehow, she kept making a career out of it and was in the movie, "Lords of Dogtown". I know people who have seen this movie, so I guess that being in it is an impressive accomplishment. I did not notice that she was making an acting career until I saw this trailer.

At first, I obviously wasn't able to recall why the Olivia character was so familiar, but then I looked it up on IMDB, and my mind was blown.

Honestly, that is the only movie that I have ever seen her in, although she has been in a lot of other movies. I also did see her in an episode of Mad Men, where I again thought she looked familiar without knowing who she was until I looked it up.

Laura Ramsey is attractive, but I am in no way in love with her in the obsessive stalker type way and could really care less about her attractiveness. The reason I love her is that I feel this is the greatest success story that is never told. She didn't even have successful reality foray, but she somehow got past that, hopes that nobody remembers her from it, and has moved on to have a very respectable career that seems to still be growing. This is the most unfathomable success story ever, and that is why she joins the illustrious heights of Jose Canseco by being loved by this blog. Congratulations Laura.


P.S. I really could have used this site when I was drunk at the theaters watching Walk Hard and Mean Girls, although I timed my pee break at Mean Girls pretty well. Still a great site to look into when planning on being drunk at the movie theaters.

P.P.S. This article is an excellent read on the subject of steroids in baseball and will hopefully limit how stupid people are when talking about the issue.

P.P.P.S. I'm still slightly depressed about the Chael Sonnen loss.

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