Friday, August 20, 2010

Quick Thoughts

No overriding theme today, just a few notes that need to be expressed to the people.

Yesterday, I can honestly say that I lived in a video game world. I'm sure everyone is familiar with the level on Super Mario Bros. where the single cloud in the sky throws the spiked gremlins out at you and follows you no matter where you go. Well, that happened to me on my run yesterday, except that it threw rain instead of spiked gremlins. I suppose there is a chance it was acid rain, which would probably make it slightly more badass.

Another thing that I like about Albuquerque is the ladies seem to be quite fond of me running with my shirt off. Not only do they take the time to back their cars out of my way when I'm running, but I have gotten both hoots and hollers from passing cars. Are these girls probably desperate fatties? Of course, but it's better than D-Port where dudes will yell, "Put a shirt on faggot," so I'll gladly take the upgrade.

This song is really catchy. I've definitely been humming it in my head quite a bit.

Dos Equis Douche? You have nothing on Hayden Fry, truly the most interesting person in the world.

Although I have a lot of respect for Chad Ochocinco for supporting It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, he really should have used the baby dick side of the towel.

This is the cheapest laughs I have gotten in quite a while, but it is well worth a look. Luke Babbit is now one of my five favorite basketball players.

For those morons who think that babies are cuter than puppies, here is just another reason that puppies reign supreme, they won't try to go all jihad on your ass.

Here is another reason that puppies are cuter than babies.
The babies vs. puppies debate is officially over.

For all the Regulators out there, here is an educational breakdown of everything that the song talks about. Also, even if you're not a Regulator, please don't be a buster, or the 563 will regulate.


P.S. Although I wasn't a big fan of the first episode, I decided to stick with it, and it just got better and better. Of course, I'm talking about Italian Spiderman. This link goes to episode one, but I have embedded episode three, because the special effects are absolutely mind-blowing. If you like overweight, chain smoking, women punching, orgy filled superheroes, then this is the action hero for you.

If this whole writing thing doesn't work out, there is no reason that I can't become an Italian Superhero.

P.P.S. I almost forgot about the Strikeforce fights this weekend. I'll take King Mo, Bobby Lashley, KJ Noons, and Tim Kennedy in the upset over Jacare.

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