Monday, September 27, 2010

A Giant Tuesday Morning Link Dump

So I realize that I've accumulated quite a few links lately, and some of these have become a little dated, but I need to clean up all the pointless links that I have saved, so I am going to share them with the world today. There will be no rhyme or reason to the order, but everyone should be able to find something that at least mildly entertains them.

If you like Saved by the Bell, this is definitely worth a cheap laugh.

I honestly don't care if he was hyped up on testosterone, here are six minutes of pure Chael Sonnen brilliance. Hell it even includes poetry at the end.

I think Chael Sonnen is hilarious, but GSP may have an even funnier video. It's him talking to one of the ugliest women in the history of women. Topics covered: Octagon attire, alpha males, masturbation, and GSP being just as lazy as the rest of us after "a good sex."

I don't know how long this is going to take, but Viacheslav Datsik just keeps doing crazy shit. He was recently arrested trying to immigrate to Norway. Why was he arrested? Because he tried to casually bring a loaded gun with him. Apparently you can't do that. I don't know how he was able to get near Norway, since he has been under constant surveilance by a Russian SWAT unit. They also raided his tattoo shop and found Nazi paraphernalia and the neighbors said they would often see people training MMA naked. Datsik will destroy Lesnar...if he ever gets out of jail.

Being down in Albuquerque, I got very excited about the Mike Leach to New Mexico rumors. Sure, I think he would help make that football team exciting, but more importantly, him joining Steve Alford would give UNM the most awesomely arrogant coaches in college history.

Here is just one of many examples of why Don Frye's commentating is so awesome:
“That was like prison sex; hard, sweaty, violent and there was a lot of noise.”

This is an excellent article by former Hawkeye, Matt Bowen, about how concussions affected him during his playing days and still affect him today.

This song is pretty funny, but the funniest part may be the shirtless dude throwing the football at the end. If you've never seen the inside of a gym, you probably shouldn't take your shirt off in public. Also, after talking about Marcus Coker yesterday, maybe I should have just ended my comment with, "No homo."

Marilyn Manson is trying to look like Kenny Powers. I can't say I blame him.

Norman Smiley is one of my West Coast Dance inspirations. That is why I could never get tired of this website.


P.S. I can honestly say that last night, I saw Jay Cutler's best pass in a Bears uniform. The Bears were down 17-14, but at the Packers 29 yard line with 1st and 10. Cutler dropped back, scanned the field and saw nothing open down the field. The pocket started collapsing in on him, and instead of forcing the ball downfield (which he definitely would have done last year), he literally threw the ball about three yards to Greg Olsen. Olsen took it for a 16 yard gain and another first down. I said that if Cutler had any chance of succeeding (which I admittedly doubted), it would be under Mike Martz, and Martz might just turn J-Cutty into a real quarterback. God bless you Mike Martz.

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