Monday, October 4, 2010

Bullies Aren't As Bad As Creeps

I think this story is relatively old, but it keeps popping up in my world, so I figured I would comment. Honestly, this story isn't that interesting, so it's disappointing that it has crossed paths with someone like me who hasn't seen the news in at least five months.

Here's the gist of the story, a gay kid was getting down with another gay kid, and his roommate secretly taped it. I'll admit, I wanted to be on the bullies side on this, because I feel it's always good to disagree with Ellen Degeneres since she's a talentless hack. Unfortunately, that's pretty fucked up. And what bothers me more is that is just really creepy. I have no desire to see any of my friends have straight sex, much less watch them have gay sex. I don't know how an idea of taping a gay encounter crosses someone's mind and they decide that it's a good idea.

So, the roommate broadcasts the encounter over the internet, and the gay kid jumps off a bridge and kills himself. So now it gets a ton of national media attention, and apparently bullying is now being targeted as some sort of evil. Bullying isn't evil, because everybody gets bullied on some level. What people need to focus on is people doing creepy shit. Taping your roommate doing anything private is creepy. Then posting it on the internet is creepy. Also, the people that watch that are creepy.

Sure, Ellen comes out, I think Dougie Howser has done some stuff too, but those people are completely uninteresting to me. Who's interesting to me? Brittany Snow. Why? Because she is super hot, and super hot people usually make good points (this blog being a shining example of that). But, oh Brittany, you have let me down. I understand that most of Hollywood is a few notches below functioning retards when it comes to intelligence, but wow does this ever come across as stupid. You can watch the video here, but I will transcribe it for those unable to click on links.

"Hi, I'm Brittany Snow. When I was in middle school and high school, I was picked on daily by a bully. I was mistreated and disrespected. It led me to feel alone and hopeless. After years of struggle, I finally overcame it and became stronger. And now I know that love is louder."

This is what Brittany Snow looks like:
It must have been awful as kids picked on her for how great looking she was. I'm sure all kids that have been picked on can totally relate to a smoking hot Hollywood actress. I'm impressed that she overcame her struggle and became stronger from it. These are the type of people that are true threats to society. People who identify with struggles that have nothing to do with their lives are creeps. If someone is abused for their race, I can't identify with that, so if I tried to, I'd just come across as an asshole. It's the same thing with Brittany here. She has such a low sense of reality that she might be a danger to society. People with common sense don't videotape their roommates' private matters and they don't identify with gay kids being picked on because they were picked on for being so great looking. These people are creeps. Bullies may be mean, but creeps are dangerous. Brittany Snow, as hot as you might be, you're still a creep.


P.S. Brittany, if you're reading this and would like to refute any of my points, I will gladly discuss any of my thoughts with you over a candlelit dinner. Maybe you can change my mind. Wearing something skimpy won't hurt.

P.P.S. Credit to Bergie for pointing this out, as in our fantasy baseball league, it was a great year for vaginas. Team Cunt Pounder and Team Vertical Smile tied for the championship. Even Team Pussylicker made the playoffs. Unfortunately, Team CervixExplosion barely missed the playoffs. Not a great year for penises, as Team Stinky Hangdown was the worst team in the league.

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