Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An Important Announcement

I have some bad news.  The blog will be slowing down its frenetic pace.  The stresses of this writing has finally piled up on me where I feel it is time for a break.  I mean, I think I at least deserve a vacation after going through the grind of writing impeccably brilliant commentaries on life, love, and Jose Canseco.  I'd be lying if I said this slow down was totally voluntary though.  No, unfortunately, I have a j...I have a j-aaaaaah...I have a job.  

I know this is very depressing for those who were living vicariously through me.  That's what makes this so tough to announce to everyone, because if you're living vicariously through me, your life must have taken many wrong turns.  But it was time for me to work.  Although I will not be disclosing my employer at this time, I will admit that I settled in my employment search as I was unable to find the right opportunity to jump into the world of International Playboys. 

Does this make me a sellout?  Probably.  But it also prevents me from maintaining my status as a succubus upon society.  I think that at least equals out against each other.

But I wanted to warn the world that they will have a little extra time to read without my blogs filling up your life.  Maybe you can catch up with things on ESPN, see what TMZ is up to, or use Facebook more (let's face it, Zuckerberg could use the money).  

But just so anyone reading this knows, if you are interested in paying me to spin some tales for the world's amusement, that would be greatly appreciated.


P.S.  This whole work business has really distracted me from finding obscure links to interesting things, so here's Alan Thicke giving children advice:


  1. Joe,

    Just found your blog and as my Irish luck would have it, now you decide to go to work. I will continue to check in weekly. Perhaps you can manage a post every seven to ten days? For now I will catch up on all your past posts. I need the smiles and enjoy your wit and sarcastic sense of humor.


  2. Deborah, that's awesome, I'm glad you enjoy the blog. Also, don't worry too much. Even with work getting in the way, I should still be able to get out at least two posts a week. Feel free to recommend the blog to friends, as more readers are always welcome.

  3. Joe,

    There is a group of intellectual court jesters that share a blog. I am writing your blog address on the virtual bathroom wall there: For a good time go to Unsensoredwriting.blogspot
    Be warned. They like to comment.


  4. So it is Joe, Deborah left an SOS for us to follow. I am not too sure if all of us will follow through with the intellectual part but I will admit to being one of the jesters. A friend of Deborah's is a friend of ours. I guess I have some reading to do. Oh and good luck with the job, being newly employed myself I can understand the loss of extra time. Some how I think I got jipped, I am still the full time mom and now I have another job, oh yeah, I get paid for the day job and the kids, well they are supposed to take care of me when I get old.

  5. The ore the merrier, and I love all feedback I get (although, like all writers, I prefer the positive stuff). I hope you gals enjoy it.