Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Ultimate Warrior Gives Hulk Hogan A Verbal Beatdown - Part Two

Today, we continue the clothesline of courage known as The Ultimate Warrior's verbal beatdown of Hulk Hogan. Yesterday was parts 1-3, so today will be 4-6.

This is where shit gets really shocking. Macho Man saw Hulk Hogan at a hospital and invited him to a barbecue to bury the hatchet. This sounds awesome, right? Some macho burgers, maybe some ribs with Madness sauce, and obviously everything topped off with some Slim Jims. This is a barbecue that legends are made of.

But Hulk Hogan didn't look at it this way, he mocked Savage for having the audacity to invite someone of his status to a barbecue.

Warrior then goes into how Hulk broke up Macho Man's first marriage with Elizabeth, but it's all pretty boring stuff.

The most interesting thing from part four is that Ultimate Warrior refers to gimmicks as something you can digest. I'm 90% sure it means steroids, but it may be some endangered animal that is high in protein that only professional wrestlers know about. I really hope it is the latter, because I plan on ordering Gimmicks at every restaurant I go to. I figure as long as I wink at the waitress immediately after, she'll get me the good stuff.

This part is dedicated to bashing Hulk's children. I'm not kidding about that, it's all about how they are failures because of their father.

The nicest thing he says is that Brooke had incredible talent, but that Hulk ruined it for her. I have to agree with Warrior here, as I would never let my child do a song with Paul Wall.
And in case you were wondering, Warrior has confirmed that Brooke Hogan's 15 minutes of fame are up.

Warrior talks about Nick a little bit, but let's face it, nobody gives a shit about Nick Hogan. He basically just says that he's an awful person, just like his father.

If you plan on watching all the videos, skip part five, because it's pretty boring, and Warrior really loses the focus for his hatred.

Warrior's groundbreaking truths are really slowing down. His lowest point is when he had to make an adamant statement that Hogan knows who he is. Um, dude, I could have told you that. I have a picture of you two together.
Hogan may be old, but I doubt he forgot a WrestleMania.

If you think that parts 4-6 were pretty weak. You're right, they were pretty weak. But parts 7, 8, and the bonus feature help things end on a high note.

Your Founding Father of Hottness,

Hott Joe

P.S. I know what a lot of you are wondering right now. What are X-Pac's feelings on the Hogan-Warrior feud? Luckily, here is the answer which includes claims of Warrior smoking pot and rumors that Warrior used to be a gay prostitute.

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