Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Ultimate Warrior Preview Video

When we last checked in with The Ultimate Warrior, he was predicting the destruction of Hulk Hogan. We are much closer to that destruction as he has released a preview video of what will be a 57-minute video exposing Hulk Hogan for the type of person he truly is. I'll be waiting for the entire video to come out before I go deep into my analysis. With that being said, if you're able, I highly recommend watching the 7 minutes of pure magic that The Warrior released. If not, I will list the highlights below.

The highlights from this video include:
Ultimate Warrior prominently displays Ultimate Warrior toys.

He also displays a few paintings, my favorite being a half Ultimate Warrior/half Jim Warrior painting that definitely qualifies as a clothesline of creativity.

Hulk and his wife contributed to Macho Man's divorce from Miss Elizabeth.

There are days where Hulk Hogan spends his entire day snorting cocaine.

Hogan assisted other guys in keeping them as junkies so he could control them.

Hulk and Linda had an open marriage where they were both whores.

The best quote from the Warrior is, "I bet I'm the only guy that ever said no to doing your wife."

Warrior also makes fun of Hulk Hogan wearing a do-rag.

And finally, the most shocking accusation of all, he claims Hulk has hair extensions.

There's a lot of thoughts running through my head, but as I said before, I'm saving my analysis until The Warrior releases all 57 minutes of this amazing video. Instead, we will end with a Clothesline of Creativity from the man himself.

The Ultimate Warrior
Most dangerous is NOT the one who has nothing to lose. Most dangerous is the one who does not want or need the spoils of his victory.
I don't know about you, but I'm ready to go headbutt a honey badger.


P.S. As badass as the Warrior is, there is another wrestler that is even more badass. His name is Dan Gable, and you can read about him here and here. Both articles are well worth your time.

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