Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Job Search - Part Three

Another day, another dollar...well, not really for me, but for others, I'm sure they are experiencing that. This is another week in the journey of my unemployment. Let's go over the jobs I applied for, the best job I applied for, the funniest job, and the best story from the week.

Jobs Applied For:
Chicagoland Speedway – Manager of Stragetic Alliances
Utah Grizzlies – Corporate Partnership Account Executive
WWE – Note Taker

Visalia Rawhide – Community Relations Coordinator
Zinger Property Group – Customer Service Representative
Daytona International Speedway – Guest Services Representative
International Bowling Campus – Director of Membership Development
New England Revolution – Account Executive
Bowie Baysox – Group Events Manager
Philadelphia Wings – Account Executive
Milwaukee Bucks - Corporate Partnership Services Coordinator
Savannah Sand Gnats – Group Sales Manager
Minnesota Wild – Account Executive of New Business Development

Staten Island Yankees – Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Unnamed Frontier League Team – Corporate Sales Manager
ALLI – Partnership Sales Coordinator
San Diego Padres - Manager of Partnership Fulfillment
Canton Charge – Business Development Specialist
Texas Legends – Account Executive

Los Angeles Dodgers – Corporate Sales Account Executive
Mather LifeWays – Community Resource Arranger
Valcom – Client Services Representative
Mack & Associates – Office Manager
Memphis Grizzlies - Coordinator of Corporate Partnership Services
Milwaukee Brewers – Ticket Services Lead
Talladega Superspeedway – Ticket Operations Manager
USA Rugby - Competitions Management Coordinator
Columbus Crew – Account Executive
Columbus Crew – Fan Retention Coordinator

Associated Research – Customer Support Representative
MRI Network – Customer Service Manager
TMone – Customer Service Agent
Charter Steel – Customer Service Representative
John Deere – Senior Sales & Service Representative
IMG Academies – Soccer Business Manager
USA Rugby – Fundraising Manager
Cintas – Customer Service Representative
San Francisco 49ers – Sales Consultant
Midwest-CBK – Account Manager

Best Job: WWE - Note Taker
It's the WWE, so yeah, I would gladly work for them. There may be no greater company in the world. So being a Note Taker for the WWE may be the greatest honor I could ever receive. Although, I would gladly take any job with the WWE, here would be my three most ideal jobs:

3. Internet Title Security
2. Dolph Ziggler's Wingman
1. Kelly Kelly's Wardrobe Consultant

I'm not proud to say it, but I would definitely join the Vince McMahon "Kiss My Ass" Club for any of these positions, even the Note Taker.

Funniest Job: International Bowling Campus - Director of Membership Development
What the hell is the International Bowling Campus? Good question, but I decided not to look into it until just now, because Director of Membership Development sounded like a bomb-ass job for someone with my skillset. Did it deal with bowling? Did it deal with NCAA Bowl Games? Did it involve fancy cereal bowls? Unfortunately, it was the first one, but that's still pretty cool, right? Well, it's cool enough. Plus, it would be such an honor to work with great athletes such as these guys...
Hooray Athletes!

Best Story: Are You Serious Bro?
As I talked about last week, I had an interview with two people who should not have had anything to do with the hiring process at a local gym. But since I'm unemployed, I need to keep my options open, so I spoke with the owner this past week to see if this would still be an acceptable opportunity for me.

Of course, I get the complete opposite of the ten minute tweedle idiot conversation I had the first time, as this guy had no intentions of ever ceasing to speak. And he brought up absolutely everything but the one thing I wanted to know about, which is how much cheddar is this job going to get me? I know absolutely every square inch of the operation and every machine in the gym, but after over an hour of speaking, I still had no idea what the job actually paid.

Finally, we made it to that crucial moment where I was hoping (but not expecting) to hear my possible six-figure salary. When I heard the number, I don't know how I hid my disdain, as I realized that I just wasted 90 minutes of my life. It was not the six-figure salary that I was hoping for. In fact, and this was almost unbelievable to me, but it was not even a five-figure salary. Yes, folks, it was $800 a month. $9600 a year. Obviously there was commission involved in there, but not even $10,000 a year? When I worked in minor league baseball, the interns got $500 a month, and they even got free housing. 

So, yeah, the job search continues.


P.P.S. Since I included Jose, I might as well include The Warrior with this interview done by some Canadians.

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