Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Job Search - Part Two

I'm certainly not employed yet, so that means it's time for round two of my Job Search. As I stated last week, I'll go over the jobs I applied for, the best job I applied for, the funniest job, and the best story from the week. Let's do this:

Jobs Applied For:

Emkay – Client Support Specialist
International Education Corporation – Employer Business Developer
Sacramento River Cats – Coordinator, Partnership Activation
TMone – Customer Service Agent
Oakland Athletics – Account Manager
Cincinnati Reds – Season Sales Representative
eBay – Administrative Assistant
Denver Outlaws – Ticket Sales Account Executive
Seattle Storm – Ticket Operations Coordinator
Gold’s Gym – Fitness Consultant
John Deere – Professional Writer - Crop Insurance

Maurice Sporting Goods – National Account Coordinator
NASCAR – Coordinator of Rights & Clearances
ALFA International – Coordinator of Events & Member Services
Adecco – Complaint Analyst
Mystery Company - Insurance Customer Service Representative

Washington Nationals – Assistant Ticket Manager
John Deere – Training Coordinator
CSI Processing – Business Development
Aerotek – Recruiter

Guaranty Bank – Assistant Branch Manager
Kenney & Company Staffing – Sales Manager
America Works – Corporate Representative
Class 1 Air – Account Manager
PR Newswire – Assistant Editor

CRSGroup – Staffing Support Specialist
ZS Associates – Administrative Assistant
Kansas City Royals - Premium Sales Account Executive
Delmarva Shorebirds – Ticket Office Manager
Workway – Client Services Specialist
Denver Broncos – Client Retention Executive

Best Job: Kansas City Royals - Premium Sales Account Executive
Not a lot of options that really stand out this week. A lot of the sports jobs are pretty similar, but the Royals are at least on their way up. Good young players, nice stadium with recent renovations, and Kansas City is a pretty good time. Plus Premium Sales means that I get to meet the ballers of Kansas City. Who are the ballers of Kansas City? I don't know; that's why I'm so interested in this job.

Funniest Job: Seattle Storm - Ticket Operations Coordinator
Oh, hell yeah! Without the NBA, could the WNBA become America's pastime? The simple answer is no, but when you look at things a little bit deeper, the answer remains a simple no. Until America gets tired of bigger, faster, stronger, more coordinated athletes, the WNBA probably isn't taking off, but I could definitely coordinate the operation of some tickets.

Best Story: Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Stupid
I was at a loss for words at the end of this one. I interviewed with a local gym to be a Fitness Consultant. I start off interviewing with Guy One. We go over my background, and he is super impressed with me. We only talk for about 5-7 minutes, and all he really tells me about the position is that it involves sales. Still, he wants me to meet with Guy Two.

Guy Two comes by and immediately tells me how he is in charge of the personal trainers, but has no experience with the sales side of the business. The question going through my head is, "Why would I need to talk to you then?" Luckily he answers this by telling me that Guy One wanted him to meet with me since he is the ONLY person on staff that has experience interviewing people.

So he talks to me for another five minutes, and he asks me if I am alright being friendly if people know my name, because it took him some time to get used to. I informed him I was not some weirdo, and kind of expected people to know my name since everyone there wears a NAMETAG. He is happy that I am a normal human being, so he feels comfortable telling me that some people find out his address and where his wife works. In fact, it got so weird that he decided to live in another city so he didn't have to deal with these people all the time. Um...that is slightly different than people calling you by your name when you come in, but I decided to just go with the flow on that one.

Finally, he explains that they will have people back for a second, and probably even a third interview. I'm fine with that, so he goes to have Guy One show me around. Two minutes later, Guy One shows up, and says, "Congratulations, you got the job." Before I had time to tell him that I have no idea what the job is, how much it pays, or if I want it, he informs me that I will talk to the owner in the next few days.

It was one of the saddest, and definitely the dumbest interview I had ever had. And yes, I may be unemployed, but it is going to take a hefty sum of money to get me to agree to this position.

Just another day in an unemployed life.


P.S. Ultimate Warrior thinks you're a pussy...and other stuff.

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