Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jose Canseco Is Fighting Shaq...Kind Of...But Not Really

Jose Canseco has been making a killing with his lucrative autograph signing business in Vegas. I am saying that with absolutely no knowledge of the situation outside of the two photos that Jose has posted to his Twitter where he is signing things and it appears customers are nearby.

But just because Jose is busy working doesn't mean he isn't patrolling the Twitter newsfeeds of other famous athletes to make sure nobody is talking shit about him. It's a good thing too, because Shaquille O'Neal happened to be talking smack about our unflappable hero.

Apparently Shaq was unaware that Jose is from the streets. I mean, he's so street hood that he's very nearly homeless. And the homeless don't take kindly to people offering up opportunities to make money, especially when it involves violence. Shaq must be unfamiliar with Bum Fights.

 Jose Canseco 

I accept shaqs challenge to fight him let's get it on .
Was there ever any doubt? Jose backs down from no man. He doesn't always win, and sometimes he is unable to show up, but he never backs down. But as great of news as this is, it does not compare to his next tweet.

 Jose Canseco 

Shaq tell ur girlfriend Dana white to make Thu fight happen
Oh, SNAP! He is implying that both Shaquille O'Neal and Dana White are homosexuals. Not only that, but since Jose is up on the news, he is shoving it in their face that gay marriage has not been legalized in most states. Boom, Shaq and Dana will have to stay in a homosexual relationship without the benefits of marriage keeping them together. That is some harsh shit-talk, but I would expect nothing less from a man who is willing to go out in public like this:
Jose Canseco is no nancy boy; that's for sure.

Also, you may have thought that Jose Canseco had a classic Canseco misspelling when he wrote "Thu fight" in place of "the fight", but this is not the case. He was actually asking for a Thursday fight, because that's his day off at the Mandalay Bay. Smart move, Jose. This is not the best time to have to look for a new job. Trust me, I know.


P.S. This photo from @si_vault is so awesome that it left me speechless at first. Ladies and gentlemen, a young Andre The Giant:

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