Monday, November 28, 2011

Today At The Gym

As I have stated, here, here, here, and here, I really hate idiots at the gym. It is so easy to have proper etiquette at the gym, yet the majority of the population somehow fails in this regard.

So these two nancy boys walk in. Now, I'm not saying that they were homosexuals, I'm saying they were nancy boys. There is just as good of a chance of them liking girls as guys, but if they do like girls, I hope they like big girls, because these fairies are going to need protection. And to be fair, one guy actually looked kind of normal at first glance, but he was getting personal training from a guy in black shorts, black tanktop, barbed wire tattoo, and goatee, this "personal trainer" was the nanciest boy that ever nancied.

As an aside, unless you are a fat guy or a professional wrestler, you should not have a goatee. End of discussion.

Back to the story at hand. These two nancies are prancing around and doing a very high paced workout with weights that I would probably get my mom started on if she wanted to workout. I couldn't hide my smirk as I saw these two going around to different equipment as they got their swoll on. I know that makes me an asshole, but whenever I see the blind leading the blind, I refrain from taking pity on them and instead just enjoy the show.

Then their nancy boy show interfered with my workout.

Before I get into their transgression, let me be up front about something. Monday is chest day for me, and chest day is my least considerate day. Since I do dumbbell presses with at least 90 pound weights, I like to just leave them on the bench I'm using as I circuit train my way around to different stations. This is not too big of a deal, because there are plenty of benches, and the only guys strong enough to use those dumbbells prefer to do bench press instead of dumbbell presses.

But these fucking morons had a different plan. In the middle of my workout, I see them moving my 90 pound dumbbells off of the bench, despite their being an open bench right fucking next to the one I was using. As ridiculous as this maneuver was, they managed to one-up themselves by then proceeding to use the bench that was open the entire time, while not doing shit with the bench that they had just cleared off. I have seen people shadow box shirtless in the gym, and yet that made more sense to me than the maneuver these nancy boys pulled off.

When I go to the gym, I go there to get out as fast as possible while getting my swell on. I did not have time to deal with those two as honestly it wasn't worth me sacrificing my workout to deal with them. Plus, I didn't want to get arrested  for murdering two people using nothing but headbutts.

Later on, they ended their workout with shadow boxing.

Of course they did.


P.S. Here's an awesome music video from Ronnie James Dio, because Dio is to rocking hard as those two nancy boys are two nancying.

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