Monday, December 19, 2011

The Job Search - The Finale

As you can probably judge by the title, there is big news concerning my job search. For those that enjoyed this series, this will be a disappointing end. Although I have actually really enjoyed writing these up, as it makes the job search far less depressing, the end of this series represents a sense of relief. Not having money coming in kind of sucks, but really, the only time it is really awful to be unemployed is running into people that you haven't seen in a while and them asking, "What are you doing right now?" I usually just turned my bullshit up to 11, but towards the end, people stopped believing that I was in an astronaut training program with Lance Bass.

Anyway, let's review the week that was:

Jobs I Applied For:

Denver Nuggets – Ticket Services Representative
Inland Empire 66ers – Corporate Group Sales Manager
Republic Services – Customer Services Representative

Orlando Magic – Ticket Services Representative
Columbus Blue Jackets – Premium Seating Account Executive
New York Islanders – Ticket Sales Representative
Oklahoma City RedHawks – Group Sales Representative
Revolution Dancewear – Customer Service Representative
St. Ambrose University – Admissions Representative
Inland Empire 66ers – Community Group Sales Manager

Talladega Superspeedway – Consumer Marketing Coordinator
John Deere – Product Line Market Planner
Peoria Chiefs – VP of Corporate Sales
New York Yankees – Premium Sales and Service Consultant

WWE – Director of Program Research

Best Job: WWE - Director of Program Research
I accepted my new position on Thursday, so that's why the jobs fall off after Wednesday. Still, although I had just accepted a position, I will always be keeping my eyes open for a chance to work for the WWE. I'm horribly underqualified for the position, but maybe they'll misread my resume and offer me the job. I hope my new employer understands that the WWE will always have priority on my future. Woo woo woo, you know it.

Most Hilarious Job: WWE - Director of Program Research
Let's face it, getting a job one day, and still applying for something new the next day is kind of funny, but yes, despite being an adult, the WWE still has that much allure to me.

Best Story: I Got A Job...Kind Of
So the job search ends, but only kind of. I will be working at a college as a graduate assistant in the admissions department. Basically, they're paying me a little bit to do office work for 30 hours a week, and they're also taking care of everything but books for me to get my Master's. There has also been talk that I can get free food while on campus, so that would be a pretty sweet perk that I would exploit to its fullest potential. In 18-24 months, I'll have my Master's, and um, yeah, I might just be in the same boat I was last week, but this time with a Master's. Hopefully, I will prove my worth and they'll give me some real scrilla to stick around, but worst case scenario is I'll be smarter the next time I go looking for jobs.

So this will be the end of The Job Search on the blog. These have actually been surprisingly popular with traffic for the site, so I'll have to figure out other things people want to read like stories about My Little Pony, Mormons, and, of course, my boy, Jose Canseco.


P.S. If you need inspiration, the Ultimate Warrior is always willing to provide it. And this article also taught me that not only did The Ultimate Warrior legally change his last name to Warrior, but his wife and daughters also have the last name Warrior. I can nearly guarantee those girls will be married before they can legally drink just so they can have a normal last name.

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