Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Job Search - Part Five

I am still unemployed, although I feel this streak could come to a close at any moment. I have had this feeling many times, and my job prospects inevitably fall apart. This has the potential to really depress people, but I take it in stride, because that's what I do with everything. I'm kind of a badass like that. But I think getting a job would help me score chicks, so I must trudge on. Let's get into the week in review:

Jobs Applied For:
Endodontic & Periodontic Associates – Business Development Representative
Philadelphia 76ers – Account Executive
Golden State Warriors – Ticket Sales Representative
Talladega Superspeedway – Ticket Sales Account Executive
Long Island Lizards – Ticket Sales Manager
Cincinnati Reds – Group Sales Representative

Golden State Warriors – Group Sales Representative
MRI Software – Client Experience Specialist
Tulsa Shock – Sponsorship Activation Coordinator
Quality Placement Authority – Marketing Coordinator
Washington Wizards – Manager, Group Sales
Atlanta Hawks – Assistant of Promotions and Event Activation
Dell – Data Entry Representative
Memphis Grizzlies – Account Executive
Minnesota Timberwolves – Corporate Sales & Services Associate

FIS – Client Services Manager
Lake Forest Health & Fitness Center – Membership Sales Advisor
Alliant Energy – Customer Service Representative
Empire Education Group – Student Services Coordinator
Trenton Thunder – Group Sales Account Representative
Dallas Stars – Account Executive
D.C. United – Corporate Sales Account Executive

Winston-Salem Dash – Group Sales Representative
Global Employment Solutions – Client Services Representative
Factory Motor Parts – General Office Administrator
Pettibone – School Admissions Representative
Muscular Dystrophy Association – Fundraising Coordinator
University of Buffalo – Ticket Sales Consultant
ARC – Assistant Community Manager
Per Mar – Customer Care Representative
Kansas City Chiefs – Ticket Sales Representative
Aerotek – Recruiter

Six Flags – Public Relations Specialist
Charlotte Bobcats – Group Sales Account Executive
Lake Erie Monsters – Corporate Partnership Executive
Texas Legends – Sponsorship Sales
American Airlines Center – Guest Service Coordinator

Best Job: Six Flags - Public Relations Specialist
During college, I took a course called Fairs and Amusement Parks, hoping that there would be a field trip and I could get an "A" for riding rollercoasters. This class was the opposite of riding rollercoasters. There were like seven books assigned for the damn class, and they wanted us to read them. We never talked about Six Flags or Disneyland, we talked about the 1900 World's Fair. Holy shit, it pisses me off just thinking about how much of a disappointment that class was. I think since that class sucked, karmically, I deserve a sweet job at Six Flags. Make it happen, Tebow.

Most Hilarious Job: Tulsa Shock - Sponsorship Activation Coordinator
When the WNBA is in the running, it's going to be very tough for any other job to be more hilarious than working for the esteemed ladies basketball league. Sue Bird is still my favorite player in in the WNBA, and I don't think that people should find it weird that I have a favorite WNBA player.

Best Story: Cold Weather Sucks
Since volunteering to do work is close to work, I figure this story will do. I volunteered to help some broad I'm hanging out with take care of her yard, since she had a billiondy leaves. I remembered that I enjoyed working outside, so I could jam out to some tunes, listen to some podcasts, and be at peace with nature. Unfortunately, Iowa in late November is pretty cold. I like to pop my shirt off, but I would both look and feel like an asshole if I were to pop off my shirt in sub-freezing temperatures. So, yeah, my advice for this week is just to live somewhere warm, either that, or don't help people. Doing both would be a wise choice.


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