Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ultimate Thoughts From The Warrior

Ultimate Warrior made a brief, yet meaningful appearance on Twitter last night. As always, it was full of impact and intensity, so let's take a look at what is on the Ultimate Warrior's mind.

 The Ultimate Warrior 

RT  not sure what O.W.N is, and I wouldn't like Warrior to return." No one here gives a fuck what you like -- least of all me.

Classic Warrior. Put nerds in their place. Hey stats geek, nobody gives a shit what you think, least of all Warrior. I hope this loser spends his time researching the highest count out percentage of 1998 instead of giving us his opinion on one of the greatest wrestling superstars to ever grace this universe.

 The Ultimate Warrior 

Cold and dark. 16 degrees in my gym. 10 sets of full squats to do in the rack. Oh, how I love it best when I f'ing hate it. Do HARD. ALWAYS

Okay, so the last couple sentences do get me pretty pumped up. I love using Warrior mantras to get me pumped up in the gym and "How I love it best when I f'ing hate it." is definitely a message that I plan on keeping in my head while at the YMCA. "Do HARD. ALWAYS" is another one that I plan on making part of my repertoire.

But 16 degrees in his gym? Dude, just close the door. It'll be a lot warmer. I'm just sayin.

RT  Leighton Baller can you excersise 'too much'?" Cunts are always convinced overtraining exists.
WOAH! Warrior dropping a hard C. Do not ever talk about the Warrior's expertise (Intensity in all walks of life) with your stupid science and medical claims. Overtraining does not exist. If I worked out 24/7, I wouldn't be overtrained, I'd be overswolled. Warrior's toes are stronger than most men's quads. And if you disagree, well, you're just another lousy C-Word.

Also, it's from the UK, and they know just as much about working out as they do about dental care. Burn.


P.S. Oh, you didn't know? Your ass better call somebody! Taco Bell is introducing the Dorito Taco nationwide in 2012.

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