Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Views On The Bachelor - I'll Miss You Jamie

For the first time ever, I am watching a season of The Bachelor. Not gonna lie, I love it. I’m 100% in on this show as there is rarely a dull moment. At the beginning of the season, I picked two girls (because one is never enough) in Jamie and Emily. I'll admit it; I root for these girls. I enjoy seeing them on Monday nights.
Jamie is about as cute as it gets. She is 25, a registered nurse (that's right, a REGISTERED nurse), has zero tattoos, and her favorite moment from her childhood is shocking her sixth grade teacher when she could state all four chambers of the heart. That's literally the cutest favorite childhood memory in the history of childhood experiences. Clearly, Ben The Bachelor could not possibly be stupid enough to eliminate her.

But on this past episode, I learned a valuable lesson: Never doubt Ben The Bachelor's stupidity, as he got rid of Jamie on Monday night. Some would say that this makes this post late, since she’s already gone. Quite the contrary, now that she’s gone, she’s officially on the market. And as cute as Jamie is, she is AWKWARD, as she showed on this past episode. She finally decided to step up her game, and uh, it did not go so well for her. She tried to straddle the bachelor, ripped her dress, made out with him, critiqued his make out style, and proceeded to give him directions on how to kiss her. Most people watching found it painfully awkward, I found it delightfully awkward.

I would have loved to have been in Ben's position for this, because I have a lifetime of experience handling awkward girls. The best thing to do when a girl is being awkward is to laugh right in their face. It will make them incredibly self-conscious, and they will want to prove that they are not as awkward as they just showed. She will be eager to please. That means that I just got a one way flight to Pleasuretown without the time-consuming flight back to Pleasurehertown. Awkward girls are the best.

Unfortunately, Ben is a big douche, and his response was to giggle like a child, and then eliminate her from the show.

With Jamie gone, I am fully on board with Team Emily. But I'll get to her when the time comes.

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