Thursday, March 15, 2012

Make March Madness More Exciting - Black Guy/White Guy

Sorry, this is being posted so close to the tournament, but I needed to inform the world of basically the greatest game ever for making March Madness more fun for everyone. This is a game that my buddies, Jay, Joel, and I created a few years ago when we were up in Chicago for the first weekend of the tournament. Did we go to the games? Hell no. This game loses a lot of its luster if you are unfortunate enough to be at a game. This game is made to be played at the bars.

The game is called Black Guy/White Guy. Its beauty is in its simplicity. You watch a game of the NCAA Tournament, and you bet on who will score next, a black guy or a white guy. It really works best in the early rounds of the tournament, as there are way more white guys in there early on. Let's face it, a ratio of 6:4, or 7:3 favoring the white guys makes the game the most fair. At 5:5, black guys have a distinct advantage. I'm pretty sure that's not racist, because I'm only complimenting how much better black people are at basketball compared to white people.

The game works best when betting either drinks or money. Be sure to make it small amounts as this game can come at you fast and furiously. And I must confess that there is more danger in this game than a gambling debt and excessive intoxication. Anytime something is on the line, you are going to start openly cheering for your rooting interests. This could get you in trouble at a bar as you scream, "Let's go white guys!" or "God damnit, black guys."

Still, the rewards far outweigh the risks involved as this may be the greatest game ever created. Have a great weekend everybody, and feel free to let me know how much fun you have while playing Black Guy/White Guy.

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