Wednesday, May 2, 2012

10 Thoughts About Brian McKnight's "If You're Ready To Learn"

This song is so awesome that I am having trouble commenting on it. Here is a list of things you should know:

1.       This is a song by Brian McKnight.
2.       This is not safe for work.
3.       Who am I kidding? This is not safe for anywhere.
4.       I have no idea how Brian McKnight sings this song with a straight face.
5.       Brian McKnight is already practicing his lip synching to this song.
6.       Is this the prequel or the sequel to “Back At One”?
7.       Either way, I plan on romancing all ladies with this song.
8.       I am about to get tons more ladies.
9.       Brian McKnight is going to be a billionaire, because I can’t think of a single person who will not purchase this song when it is released.
10.   I listened to this song for about an hour straight at work. The last 50 minutes included me singing the words softly to myself.

Thank you, Brian McKnight.

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