Sunday, January 20, 2013

Guest Post: Is the Seattle/Atlanta Game Still Going On?

Hey everybody, we have some exciting news for the blog. It will now have guest posts. Do you feel like venting to the world and not want your name associated with it? Just let me know. I will respond if I disagree, but if it is well thought out, I will gladly post it so you can take advantage of a readership that has interest in sex with animals and My Little Pony. Now, here is our first column, submitted by Lukewarm Jonah, with an added editorial response from me at the end:

Lost in the excitement of an amazing Seattle Seahawks Atlanta Falcons game was the very last play of the game. Russell Wilson threw deep, chucked it up in the air and hoped and prayed that someone came down with it. Sadly for Wilson the person who came down with the ball was Julio Jones who made a great snag for an interception. The game was over... or was it? After Jones made the pick his teammates helped him up, and he dropped the ball in the end zone. Jones had not been touched down by the other team, therefore the play should have still been going on and the ball that was dropped was live. I’m shocked that there wasn't one player on either team who saw this happen and decided to jump on the ball. If for argument’s sake the Seahawks had jumped on the ball and started to argue with the refs, they would have had a shot to win the game. The play was an interception which means it would have been automatically reviewed. All I’m saying is if one of those Seahawks players would have jumped on the ball and made a review happen we might be looking at a different NFC Championship game. So where were the players? Where were the coaches? If I’m on that sideline I’m yelling at a player who was on the field to go grab that ball and I’m grabbing a ref to get a review going. So if there’s a team out there looking for a review official in their front office I would like to offer my services. If the Seahawks or the Falcons are offering a job, I will personally fly to Atlanta right now and recover that fumble that’s sitting in the end zone, it really seems like someone should.


Hott Joe Analysis:

I disagreed with this analysis, as I was pretty sure there is a rule in place that goes over when a runner goes down and makes no attempt to advance the ball. I checked the NFL rulebook and found this:

"Section 2     Dead Ball
Article 1:  Dead Ball Declared.  An official shall declare the ball dead and the down ended:...
(e)  when a runner is out of bounds, or declares himself down by falling to the ground, or kneeling, and making no effort to advance"

I believe that he fell to the ground and made no attempt to advance the ball before tossing it aside. Lukewarm Jonah disagreed, but you can make your own judgment:

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