Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Manti Te'o Is Awesome

So everybody is piling on poor Manti Te'o, since he made up a girlfriend, gave her cancer, and murdered her. Okay, so maybe I shouldn't call him poor Manti Te'o.

But seriously, how fucking ballsy is this guy? This man has no fear. I think you need to have a screw loose to throw your body into people at full speed, and this man may not have any screws at all. He does not give a shit about anything. This man has to be willing to die on the football field.

Like, his level of sociopathic behavior is impressive. And I say that as someone who relates to Dennis Reynolds, who is the very definition of a sociopath. But, shit, I could never have the dedication to make up a fake girlfriend and not tell people about how awesome I was at lying.

Oh, and if you believe that Te'o is telling the truth in his statement and had no idea that his girlfriend was fake? Well, holy shit, no need to worry about concussions ruining this guy's brain, because it is impossible to do more harm to that pile of mush.

It doesn't matter whether he's a sociopath or just an idiot, I really want the Bears to draft him.

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