Saturday, August 17, 2013

God Does Not Want Me To Watch FS1

Fox Sports 1 is supposed to be the sports network for mouth breathers, so I really needed to see if it could be as stupid as it claimed to be. I started off with an episode of Fox College Football Kickoff. A talking head show hosted by Erin Andrews. You could just look at the screen and realize that, yes, this show was gonna be real stupid.

They started off talking about Johnny Manziel. They put together a video package with highlights of his thug life from the summer including him sitting at an NBA game. All it reminded me of is that Johnny Manziel really didn't do anything this summer. Unfortunately, it gave Erin Andrews chills with everything that happened over the summer, which, I'm hoping she just got confused and somebody turned the temperature in the room, and that is why she got chills.

Then Eddie George, with a nice shirt-tie combo, started talking, and he came in support of Manziel. It was blind optimism that Johnny Football would just come in and do what he did again, because he already did it once, but considering the topic, this is a defensible position, because it isn't outrageously stupid.

Then came in some jabroni who took me 10 minutes of Google searching to find out was Joel Klatt, who is a person that exists. He was not going to stand for reasoned responses, and right as he was getting ready to talk about how Manziel would disappoint everyone around him and really drop the stupid hammer on this show, the cable went out. Not all of my cable, just FS1. Every other channel was working fine. So I'm pretty sure that this is a sign from God that I should not put myself through that harrowing journey.

Good luck, FS1. Jesus loves everyone, except for you.

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