Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I'm Married And Check Out Other Women

I am a married man, and I check out nearly every woman that crosses my path. On its surface, this makes me appear to be a scumbag, but I am just a very curious fella. It's nothing sexual, but I just want to know what people look like. 

This is never more evident than when I come across exercise. The event that sparked this was when I was running on the bike trail and passed a very attractive female going the other way. I gave her a smile and a wave, and she gave me a BIG smile. It was just the ego boost I needed to amp up my run a little bit, because even though I'm not on the market, it's good to know there would be a demand if I ever went back out there. 

But even with that attractive female, all I could tell you is that she was in shape and blonde. Was her hair long? Maybe; I'm not sure. It takes too much effort to remember people, so it's not like I'm fantasizing about these ladies later for spank bank material. Who says chivalry is dead?

Whether I am in the gym, on a run, or just seeing somebody out on a run, I study their movements and looks anytime that we cross paths. It doesn't matter if they're skinny, fat, black, white, tall, short, I will always check them out to give my own personal assessment. 

Now, this all sounds very judgmental, and honestly, it is. But I do grade on a curve. If I see a person struggling, they automatically earn points with me. It's impossible to know how hard somebody is pushing themselves, because I don't know what pain they are experiencing, so I always give the benefit of the doubt. I am far more impressed with the person who is huffing and puffing as they struggle through a workout than the person who has the beach body but is wasting their time conversing in the gym. 

In casual situations, I still check out women, but there is barely an observation made beyond "Hot" or "Not." Part of the reason for me writing this is to justify my actions. And I feel like looking at someone and noticing that they are pretty is a good thing, especially because I never care enough to actually remember what they look like outside of their most basic characteristics. It's not perverted, it's just that I'm too simple to not check out other women.

On its surface, checking out other women makes me a scumbag, and honestly, I still struggle with that thought, as I know I probably shouldn't be doing it. And part of the reason I check them out is to see if they're checking me out since I need constant affirmation of my own sexiness (even if they aren't looking my way, I just assume they're smoother about being incognito about checking me out) But when I do look at other ladies, I don't ogle, nor do I go anywhere inappropriate beyond, "Oh, she's pretty." There's nothing really wrong with that, is there?

Yeah, there probably is. Dangit. I guess this does make me a scumbag.

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