Friday, November 17, 2017

I Like To Show Ass When I Pee

We live in a fairly soft and stuck up society these days. People like it when you follow "social norms" and when you don't "act like a weirdo." Well, I'm here to tell you that sometimes the weird feels better. That's why I like to show ass when I pee.

If you're a fella, we all know the kid who used to pull his pants down to his ankles to take a whiz at the urinal. Well, guess what? I was that kid. I was shamed into conformity, but I'm thinking that maybe 6-year-old me had the right idea, maybe showing ass while peeing is the proper way to do it. As an adult, I have learned that I like to show ass when I pee.

Now, since I do follow societal norms, I have not brought this to the public sphere. I am discreet at a urinal, but if I'm at home? All bets are off. The waist of my pants (almost always gym shorts) is thigh high at best, and it is simply a much better experience. You're not bunching everything up in an area, and you just get to stand there with nothing but freedom in front of you.

So, yes, in a public restroom, you should probably not act like a weirdo, but when you are in the comfort of your own home? Let your ass hang out and grab life by the balls...uh, scratch that (literally), and let the feeling set you free.

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