Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fantasy Baseball Draft Review - Part 2

Now, part 2 of the fantasy draft:

121Torii Hunter, LAA OFTeam Arp
122Stephen Strasburg, Was SPStinky Hangdown
123Ryan Dempster, ChC SPTeam Roy
124Scott Baker, Min SPTeam Ehrecke
125Tim Hudson, Atl SP Team Cunt Pounder
126Trevor Hoffman, Mil RPBeginners Luck
127Jason Kubel, Min OFTeam Vertical Smile
128Carlos Marmol, ChC RPTeam Pussylicker
129Jered Weaver, LAA SPTeam Waite
130Matt Garza, TB SPTeam Here4Beer
131Wandy Rodriguez, Hou SPTeam Asay
132Kyle Blanks, SD OFTeam Prayer
Best Pick - It's at this point where it's hard to point out shining moments in the draft. Although, I like my Tim Hudson pick, there's an argument to be made that he could have been had later. I'll give the nod to Matt Garza in this round as he has shown that he'll be solid, and has the potential to be a #2 starter.

Worst Pick - None of the outfielders excite me in this round, but I like Blanks the least. He's gotten a lot of pub for being a sleeper with huge power, but he has never shown huge power in his minor league career. I know he's a big, strong guy, but he has more of a line drive swing. He's also moving to an extreme pitcher's park, so I see his ceiling for this season being twenty home runs. I know he had ten home runs last year, but even Shane Spencer can do that in limited time. He could be a solid outfielder, but he's still a guy who's really just figuring out the league so there's going to be a learning curve for him.

133Chris Coghlan, Fla OFTeam Prayer
134Billy Wagner, Atl RPTeam Asay
135Brad Lidge, Phi RPTeam Here4Beer
136Brad Hawpe, Col OFTeam Waite
137David Price, TB SPTeam Pussylicker
138Rafael Soriano, TB RPTeam Vertical Smile
139Howie Kendrick, LAA 2BBeginners Luck
140Chad Qualls, Ari RP Team Cunt Pounder
141Adrian Beltre, Bos 3BTeam Ehrecke
142Julio Borbon, Tex OFTeam Roy
143Miguel Montero, Ari CStinky Hangdown
144Raul Ibanez, Phi OFTeam Arp
Best Pick - David Price - Price is a guy who seems like he's ready to put it all together this year. He was solid last year, and that's what you expect from most rookie pitchers. If he can avoid walks, he could be a very good pitcher this year, so there's great upside for somebody taken in the 12th round.

Worst Pick - Brad Lidge - He's been hurt all spring, just had to have a cortisone injection in his shoulder, and he was god awful last year. Yes, Lidge has potential to be good again, but there's way too many question marks surrounding him to take him this early in the draft. But at least he's still making hella scrilla.

145Mike Napoli, LAA CTeam Arp
146Dan Uggla, Fla 2BStinky Hangdown
147John Danks, CWS SPTeam Roy
148James Shields, TB SPTeam Ehrecke
149Brett Anderson, Oak SP Team Cunt Pounder
150Scott Kazmir, LAA SPBeginners Luck
151Max Scherzer, Det SPTeam Vertical Smile
152Alex Rios, CWS OFTeam Pussylicker
153Rich Harden, Tex SPTeam Waite
154Francisco Liriano, Min SPTeam Here4Beer
155Jason Bartlett, TB SSTeam Asay
156Bobby Abreu, LAA OFTeam Prayer
Best Picks - Max Scherzer and Francisco Liriano. Two guys with great stuff who have injury worries. Scherzer has shown improvement through his time in the major leagues. He's moving to the tougher league, but he's also moving to a much more friendly pitcher's park, so those things should balance out. Liriano looked amazing a few years ago, and everybody who saw him pitch this winter raved about him. He's looked great in spring training, and this could be the year he finally puts things together and becomes the dominant ace that he looked like in his rookie year.

Worst Pick - Alex Rios - He's only had one good year in his career. I think it's time to say he sucks. There were about 100 outfielders I'd rather have than him at this point in the draft.

157Shane Victorino, Phi OFTeam Prayer
158Rick Porcello, Det SPTeam Asay
159Chipper Jones, Atl 3BTeam Here4Beer
160Nick Swisher, NYY 1BTeam Waite
161Gavin Floyd, CWS SPTeam Pussylicker
162Alcides Escobar, Mil SSTeam Vertical Smile
163Jorge Posada, NYY CBeginners Luck
164Kevin Slowey, Min SP Team Cunt Pounder
165Erick Aybar, LAA SSTeam Ehrecke
166Alfonso Soriano, ChC OFTeam Roy
167Frank Francisco, Tex RPStinky Hangdown
168Jonathan Sanchez, SF SPTeam Arp
Best Picks - Chipper Jones and Alfonso Soriano - These are two guys who I see having big time bounce back years. Chipper is the safer bet for the bounce back, but if Soriano can bounce back, he's got huge potential. These were two guys that were on my list as emergency picks if I was short on a third baseman or an outfielder. I definitely like the potential of these guys in 2010.

Worst Pick - None of these stand out as bad picks in my opinion, but since I have to choose, I'll go with Jonathan Sanchez. He's just one of those guys that I'm not a believer in, but he could maintain what he built on last year and prove me totally wrong. I'm usually right on things, but I can honestly admit that I thought Kurt Warner sucked until 2008. I'm very stubborn.

169Ian Stewart, Col 2BTeam Arp
170Ted Lilly, ChC SPStinky Hangdown
171Phil Hughes, NYY SPTeam Roy
172Brian Fuentes, LAA RPTeam Ehrecke
173David Aardsma, Sea RP Team Cunt Pounder
174Jorge De La Rosa, Col SPBeginners Luck
175Lance Berkman, Hou 1BTeam Vertical Smile
176Mark Buehrle, CWS SPTeam Pussylicker
177J.A. Happ, Phi SPTeam Waite
178Ryan Ludwick, StL OFTeam Here4Beer
179Chase Headley, SD 3BTeam Asay
180Ryan Franklin, StL RPTeam Prayer
Best Pick - Phil Hughes - I was going to take Hughes if he fell to me in this round, so that one really pissed me off. He's got great stuff, and if this is the year that he puts everything together as a starter, he's an absolute monster. People try to compare him and Joba constantly, but Joba didn't have nearly the track record that Hughes had in the minor leagues.

Worst Pick - Ted Lilly - With Lilly still being hurt, I think there's too much risk for the possible reward. The reward is he pitches as well as he did last year, and I really think he's a guy that is on the decline. Lilly has been one of my boys since his days in Toronto, but an aging pitcher coming off of injury is not somebody that I would want to invest in.

181Leo Nunez, Fla RPTeam Prayer
182Bobby Jenks, CWS RPTeam Asay
183Brian Matusz, Bal SPTeam Here4Beer
184Ryan Doumit, Pit CTeam Waite
185David Ortiz, Bos DHTeam Pussylicker
186Russell Martin, LAD CTeam Vertical Smile
187Denard Span, Min OFBeginners Luck
188Justin Masterson, Cle SP Team Cunt Pounder
189Edwin Jackson, Ari SPTeam Ehrecke
190Huston Street, Col RPTeam Roy
191Nate McLouth, Atl OFStinky Hangdown
192Martin Prado, Atl 2BTeam Arp
Best Pick - Brian Matusz - A young pitcher who was solid last year and should be able to build on that this season. He's got four good pitches that he can throw for strikes, and his worst case scenario for this year (outside of injury) is a solid contributor for a fantasy team with a lot of potential for more.

Worst Pick - Martin Prado - Yes, he was solid last year, but I don't see him continuing that and wouldn't be surprised to see him lose his job at second.

193Mike Gonzalez, Bal RPTeam Arp
194Mat Latos, SD SPStinky Hangdown
195James Loney, LAD 1BTeam Roy
196Michael Cuddyer, Min 1BTeam Ehrecke
197Chris Davis, Tex 1B Team Cunt Pounder
198Joe Blanton, Phi SPBeginners Luck
199Vladimir Guerrero, Tex DHTeam Vertical Smile
200Octavio Dotel, Pit RPTeam Pussylicker
201Paul Konerko, CWS 1BTeam Waite
202Andy Pettitte, NYY SPTeam Here4Beer
203Matt Capps, Was RPTeam Asay
204Neftali Feliz, Tex RPTeam Prayer
Best Pick - Chris Davis - Davis was on everybody's list last season as a guy who was going to put up huge numbers and carry a fantasy team. He sucked ass and got sent to Triple A. When he came back, he hit like he was supposed to at the beginning of the year. He's got a track record of crushing the ball, and I think he has the year in 2010 that people expected in 2009.

Worst Pick - Nothing stands out as awful, but I'm not a believer in James Loney. He just hasn't shown the power that people expected him to develop. I think his ceiling is a JT Snow type season with a good average and little power which is a pretty big hindrance for a team at first base.
Note: D. Wright Lover says Loney is a very nice person.

205Ross Ohlendorf, Pit SPTeam Prayer
206Cameron Maybin, Fla OFTeam Asay
207Wade Davis, TB SPTeam Here4Beer
208Brad Penny, StL SPTeam Waite
209Johnny Cueto, Cin SPTeam Pussylicker
210Aaron Harang, Cin SPTeam Vertical Smile
211John Maine, NYM SPBeginners Luck
212Travis Snider, Tor OF Team Cunt Pounder
213Yadier Molina, StL CTeam Ehrecke
214Homer Bailey, Cin SPTeam Roy
215J.J. Hardy, Min SSStinky Hangdown
216Chris Perez, Cle RPTeam Arp
Best Pick - JJ Hardy - I think he can have a very good year for a shortstop where he can produce about a .270 average with around 20 home runs. He's not a superstar, but to get a middle infielder who can produce like that this late in the draft is definitely a good thing.

Worst Pick - Ross Ohlendorf - Why? What does Ross bring to the table? If he has a great year, he'll have a middling ERA, low strikeout total, and low win total because his team is terrible. He's worthless.

217Erik Bedard, Sea SPTeam Arp
218Scott Feldman, Tex SPStinky Hangdown
219Jorge Cantu, Fla 3BTeam Roy
220Hiroki Kuroda, LAD SPTeam Ehrecke
221Daisuke Matsuzaka, Bos SP Team Cunt Pounder
222Barry Zito, SF SPBeginners Luck
223Jon Rauch, Min RPTeam Vertical Smile
224Derek Lowe, Atl SPTeam Pussylicker
225Tony Gwynn, SD OFTeam Waite
226Johnny Damon, Det OFTeam Here4Beer
227Shaun Marcum, Tor SPTeam Asay
228Jason Frasor, Tor RPTeam Prayer
Best Pick - Derek Lowe - I like his chances of bouncing back this year. Everybody thought he'd be great for Atlanta last year and he fell on his face, but I think he gets his shit together again, gets that sinker working and has a very good year for the Braves.

Worst Pick - Tony Gwynn - He's been retired for years and has already been inducted in the Hall of Fame. That's just poor research...wait a second. It's his son? Oh man, isn't his son terrible? Yes, yes he is.

229Ben Sheets, Oak SPTeam Prayer
230Ervin Santana, LAA SPTeam Asay
231Michael Bourn, Hou OFTeam Here4Beer
232Kerry Wood, Cle RPTeam Waite
233Chris Young, Ari OFTeam Pussylicker
234Rafael Furcal, LAD SSTeam Vertical Smile
235Bronson Arroyo, Cin SPBeginners Luck
236Sean Rodriguez, TB 2B Team Cunt Pounder
237Aroldis Chapman, Cin SPTeam Ehrecke
238Bengie Molina, SF CTeam Roy
239Mark DeRosa, SF 3BStinky Hangdown
240Brandon Lyon, Hou RPTeam Arp
Best Pick - Ben Sheets - although his spring training ERA hasn't shown it, his stuff has been better than people were expecting this early on. Sheets may not be a great pitcher in the AL, but if he can stay healthy, he has the potential to be very good.

Worst Pick - Mark DeRosa - He just doesn't offer much of anything outside of positional flexibility. I don't see him as a good option at any position.

241Randy Wolf, Mil SPTeam Arp
242Randy Wells, ChC SPStinky Hangdown
243Nyjer Morgan, Was OFTeam Roy
244Joel Pineiro, LAA SPTeam Ehrecke
245Joba Chamberlain, NYY SP Team Cunt Pounder
246Adam LaRoche, Ari 1BBeginners Luck
247Alex Gordon, KC 3BTeam Vertical Smile
248Chris Young, SD SPTeam Pussylicker
249Franklin Gutierrez, Sea OFTeam Waite
250Kurt Suzuki, Oak CTeam Here4Beer
251Brandon Wood, LAA 3BTeam Asay
252Franklin Morales, Col RPTeam Prayer
Best Pick - Brandon Webb - He's been a super prospect for about 35 years, but he's finally getting the starting job without having to compete for it. He may struggle with average, but the power is definitely there, and he's a quality guy at third base for the final round of the draft.

Worst Pick - Joba Chamberlain - I was too tired to focus on anything at this point, so I made the mistake of drafting Joba. I should have gone with Mark Prior.

And that wraps it up. I'd like to leave everyone with a video about smelling nice:


P.S. I know I'm easily amused, but this is funny.

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