Thursday, May 30, 2013

Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: Bears Pick Marquess Wilson

This is the final installment of looking at the Bears draft picks, as I do not have the resources to look up every undrafted free agent. I hope those guys understand. If there is somebody that your team drafted that you would like to see a breakdown of, shoot me an email, hit me up on Twitter @HottJoe or post it to the Uncensored Writing Facebook group. But now onto the Bears seventh round draft pick, Marquess Wilson, from Washington State, kind of. I'll be looking at his games against Colorado and Oregon in one super video.

The first thing that jumped out at me with Wilson is that he does an excellent job of using his body and also snatching the ball out of the air away from his body. This first play is an excellent example of this.

He knows there is a defender behind him, and even though that defender is too far away to even attempt a play on the ball, it is good technique to shield that defender away and catch the ball away from the body.

This athleticism is fun to see from a good sized receiver.

He gives a dip in his shoulder to avoid one tackler, and then he just hits the jets and outruns everybody to the end zone.

My biggest concern with Wilson's game is his ability to make catches when there is contact. I love his technique as he does try to snatch the ball away from his body, but it just looks like his hands aren't strong enough when he has to deal with contact. There was a string of plays early on against Oregon that help illustrate his issues.

None of those drops are egregious on their own, but it does create a bad pattern. It was a bunch of almost catches where you give a little credit to the defense and a little fault to the receiver, but those are plays that need to be made at the next level, because he is going to be experiencing a lot of contact at the next level.

The good news is that he is very good at tracking the ball and putting himself in a position to make the catch.

Overall, this is a good fit for the Bears. The drops are concerning, but he can stretch the field, which should help the passing game. If the Bears throw him on the field with Alshon Jeffrey and Brandon Marshall, they can definitely create some matchup problems. I definitely expect him to stick with the team and progressively get more playing time as the season goes on.

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