Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Cubs Will Win the 2017 World Series

It's pretty clear that the Chicago Cubs have been a bit of a disappointment in 2017. Going into the year, people really couldn't come up with reasons why they wouldn't come close to last year's 103 wins, because nearly the entire squad was coming back, and they were going to get a full year of World Series hero, Kyle Schwarber. Things really couldn't get much brighter for the North Siders.

But then they actually had to play baseball, and the Cubs have just been putzing along all season. They've finally given themselves a little distance over the Brewers and Cardinals, enough where I feel confident penciling them into the playoffs. And once that happens? Well, anything can happen, and that is why the Chicago Cubs are definitely going to win the 2017 World Series.

Now there are some great teams that are competing this year. The Dodgers set a record pace early on in the year, and even though they faded, they are still having an incredible year. The Nationals have one of the most terrifying rotations that the world has ever seen. Then over in the American League, the Cleveland Indians just set a record for most wins in a row, and there are a whole lot of similarities between this year's Astros and last year's Cubs.

Doesn't matter; Cubs will win it all.

Now if you want intelligent analysis as to why the Cubs are going to win, you're going to have to go somewhere else. I'm not providing facts and figures, because there isn't a good argument that will be supported by facts. No, the facts can be tossed aside. The Cubs are a team of destiny.

The Cubs are destined to be the most hated team in baseball, and there is no quicker path to that than winning a second World Series Title in a row when they are clearly not the best team in baseball. The Cubs will become the new Red Sox, a team that went from being easy to root for to easily despised in the span of just a few years. I mean, let's face it, the Cubs frat boy fan base is already pretty hateable, and I say this as a Cubs fan.

Cubs fans are only going to get more insufferable, and the Cubs are just going to keep winning. It's not logical; it's just destiny.


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