Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Best Movie You'll See This Summer

This past weekend, I partied hard and probably hooked up with a thoroughbred dimepiece or two (I say probably, because I was drunk and there's no way I can remember everything). Still, these things paled in comparison to the highlight of the weekend when I went to see the best movie of the summer on Friday afternoon.

If you've got half a brain, you already know what movie I am referring to, but for those uneducated few, I will let you know that I saw a badass action movie, and I'm definitely not referring to the Karate Kid. That movie's for fruit booties. I saw a man's film, The A-Team.

For anyone familiar with the show, you know what to expect, a bunch of explosions, a total lack of a love story, and the A-Team kicking ass. This movie does not disappoint. Is it going to get Oscar considerations? No, but that's just because the Academy doesn't like movies that are this awesome. There are no outstanding acting performances, but the four main characters all perform their roles well enough which is all that I require. Jessica Biel is in the movie, and she could probably be replaced by any partially trained, mildly retarded dog, but that's not a shocker.

The movie isn't going to surprise you in any way, but this movie had one goal, to be a guy's movie that entertains. In that regard, it succeeds. Do you have to turn your brain off a little bit? Of course you do, but if you're looking to have a good time at the theaters, there is no more of a sure thing than The A-Team.

And if you don't like this movie, you lack testicles.


P.S. The only movie that stands a chance of being as good as this movie is The Expendables. That movie could so manly that just by watching it, it might reverse any manscaping I have done throughout my life. Now that's manly.

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