Friday, June 25, 2010

NBA Draft - A Quick Review

Alright, here is a quick rundown of my thoughts on the NBA Draft.

First off, Bulls getting rid of Hinrich is a very good maneuver for the team. At the same time, it concerns me. I would have rather seen Deng traded away, because a Deng trade would mean the Bulls were EXTREMELY confident they could get LeBron. A Hinrich trade points in the direction that they are going to take a hard look at Joe Johnson. All of the advanced statistics point to this being a bad move for the team. Since I watch very little NBA basketball that doesn't involve the Bulls, I don't have a great read on Johnson outside of the entire Hawks team playing awful in the playoffs. Obviously, the number one combination is LeBron and Bosh. I still think Deng is a tradeable asset, because compared to most players of his caliber, his contract is not bad. The other thing the Bulls have going for them is that there are going to be teams that are unable to lure a big free agent, meaning they'll have plenty of cap space to take on Deng's contract and it'll be a positive step for the team. If they're able to pull off that trade, I wouldn't mind the Bulls reacquiring John Salmons to play the two guard, but I'd rather see them try to trade for a good defensive two guard, someone like Thabo Sefolosha (who Sam Presti will not be handing over to us).

I wouldn't say this about a college player, since it would just be mean, but will someone teach Evan Turner English? I can't understand a word he says. I'm going to predict bust based strictly off that.

I really liked every pick that Oklahoma City was related to. Before the draft, they traded up in the draft while taking on about $2 million in salary, but getting a useful shooter in Daequan Cook. They needed a solid big man, not a game changer, but a good defender who is competent on offense, and they were able to trade up for Cole Aldrich. They traded away three picks, and two of the players were guys that I loved in this draft, in Craig Brackins and Eric Bledsoe. They got a future number one as well, which is nothing new, because Presti constantly trades for future number one picks. Plus, in the second round, they drafted some guy named Magnum Rolle; he was immediately traded, which was the last of their six draft related trades. God, I love Sam Presti. It's a shame the Bulls are going to be running out a lineup of Bosh, Noah, LeBron, me, and Rose meaning they have the next five NBA titles locked up. (Isn't it scary to think that they really could put me at the two and still dominate everyone?)

The Jazz took Gordon Hayward and the Celtics took Luke Harangody; I don't even need to comment on that.

Devan Bawinkel and Club Trillion's Mark Titus are both still available. I'm not sayin, I'm just sayin.

ESPN's draft coverage was BRUTAL. I only made it to pick 23 before I had to turn it off, because it was unbearable. Why could Jon Barry not understand that when trades happen, it means the pick is actually being made for a different team. Somehow, he understood that the Bulls traded away Hinrich and needed a two guard, but couldn't understand that their pick was also in that trade meaning that they would not be drafting a shooting guard. Jay Bilas was alright, everybody else could have been replaced by the ladies from Sex and the City.

In my head, this was going to be a shorter post, but I got to ranting.


P.S. Quick picks for the fights this weekend: Fedor by knockout, Cyborg by TKO, Cung Le by TKO, and Josh Thomson by decision.

P.P.S. I can't wait to use the term "Getting my dode slarved":

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