Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sledding Is The Worst

I haven't gone sledding in quite a few years, but I did see some young whippersnappers attempting to do so today. I say attempting, because they were not in the process of sledding, but rather preparing for their next trip down the hill. As I saw them slog up the hill, it dawned on me that there could be no worse pastime than sledding.

Sledding is most fun when you're going down a long, steep hill. Even I can admit that going down a long, steep hill is pretty damn fun while you're going down, especially if there are trees involved as the added danger only heightens my enjoyment. But as a runner, I know there is nothing worse than going up hills, wait, scratch that, having to drag a god-damned sled up a long, steep hill is definitely worse.

At best, you get about 30 seconds of fun, and if you do find a hill that long, that means that your trek up it is going to be long and tortuous. I can't imagine a less-fulfilling activity. When I saw those kids slowly churning up the hill, there was no point at which I thought that looked fun; I just felt really bad for them.

Sledding is the worst.

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