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A Review of a Fantasy Football Draft - Part One

You know what's boring? People's bad beats in poker, people's kids,  and sex stories that I'm not involved in (actually, I always kind of imagine the girl thinking about me). Oh, and one other thing, people's fantasy football drafts. This is the story of one of my leagues. If you don't feel like reading, I really don't blame you. If you've still got a draft coming up, maybe you can learn a thing or two, but I doubt that my expertise in fantasy football matches my expertise in dolphin sex. The only reason that I'm reading this is because a reader named Michael requested this as his article that I had to write about (as a reminder, if you become a fan on Facebook, you can pick any topic for me to write a post about).

I'm going to break it down team by team, and then give my rankings of the teams at the end. Let's get to the excitement.

3Ray Rice, Bal RB  
22Philip Rivers, SD QB  
27Shonn Greene, NYJ RB  
46Knowshon Moreno, Den RB  
51Jason Witten, Dal TE  
70Julio Jones, Atl WR  
75Steve Smith, Car WR  
94Johnny Knox, Chi WR  
99Jerome Harrison, Det RB  
118Jay Cutler, Chi QB  
123Michael Crabtree, SF WR  
142Rashad Jennings, Jac RB  
147Chargers D/ST D/ST  
166Matt Bryant, Atl K  

Strengths: This is my team, so I think everything is a strength. This is a team that will be carried by guarantees from my top running back, quarterback, and tight end. Those are all money players, so as long as they stay healthy, I should manage to be competitive each and every week.

Weaknesses: At running back, Shonn Greene and Knowshon Moreno have risks, because they've never produced at an elite level. I love Shonn Greene, but a lot of that is based on the fact that he came from Iowa. I know I'm bias, but I'm not going to fight my love for him. Still, the biggest question mark is at wide receiver. I took some high upside possibilities in Julio Jones and Michael Crabtree, and some guys who should be able to give around eight points a week in Johnny Knox and Steve Smith. So, yeah, I could probably use some better receivers.

Overall: I've got strengths and weaknesses. Even with question marks at running back, I've got Jerome Harrison as a backup and Jahvid Best might have a broken sternum if he gets in a shower with too much water pressure. I'll be competitive no matter what, but if I can trade one of those running backs for a good receiver, I should be elite.

11Rashard Mendenhall, Pit RB
14Drew Brees, NO QB
35DeSean Jackson, Phi WR
38Felix Jones, Dal RB
59Jonathan Stewart, Car RB
62Jermichael Finley, GB TE
83Sidney Rice, Sea WR
86Mike Tolbert, SD RB
107Packers D/ST D/ST
110Thomas Jones, KC RB
131Antonio Brown, Pit WR
134Mark Sanchez, NYJ QB
155Stephen Gostkowski, NE K
158Greg Little, Cle WR
Strengths: Really solid all around. I love Mendenhall this year as the Steelers are raving about how this will be his best year, and Felix Jones appears to be the guy in Dallas with Barber gone. I love the Saints as an entire team this year, and that all starts with Drew Brees, so if he's healthy, he should put up big numbers.

Weaknesses: Wide receiver could be an issue. DeSean Jackson can provide big games, but he can also disappear. Sidney Rice has no quarterback to get him the ball, and he's only produced for one year, so I'm not sure if you can trust him to be a top wide receiver. Also, Jonathan Stewart isn't a guy I'd ever feel comfortable starting if DeAngelo Williams is healthy. Williams got the money, so I would expect him to get the bulk of the carries.

Overall: This is a very good team. If the receivers produce, he will be tough to beat. His flex position appears weak, so he has to hope somebody from his depth can step up.

9Chris Johnson, Ten RB
16Frank Gore, SF RB
23Hakeem Nicks, NYG WR
33Peyton Manning*, Ind QB
40Miles Austin, Dal WR
57Jeremy Maclin, Phi WR
81Josh Freeman, TB QB
88Austin Collie, Ind WR
105Kellen Winslow, TB TE
112Mike Thomas, Jac WR
129Lance Moore, NO WR
136James Jones, GB WR
153Falcons D/ST D/ST
160Josh Brown, StL K

Strengths: Upside. This team could dominate (helped partially by getting an extra 2nd round pick for a sixth rounder in a deal that involved a lot of baseball players as well, because our league is complicated like that). if all of his players perform, he'll be pretty damn tough to beat.

Weaknesses: Question marks. He might have the number one running back...if he signs. He might have the number one quarterback...if necks aren't necessary to throw footballs. He may have a great flex receiver...if doctors ever figure out what's wrong with him. He also has no depth at running back, so that could be a problem as well. Another weakness is that he may never change his lineup, because he is a lazy owner, but hey, he didn't show up for the draft and ended up doing pretty well, so maybe it's just good strategy.

Overall: If he can find two minutes each week to check his roster, he could be tough, but there are a ton of questions about his QB and both running backs, so he could also crash and burn.

10Andre Johnson, Hou WR
15Michael Turner, Atl RB
24LeGarrette Blount, TB RB
34Dez Bryant, Dal WR
39Dwayne Bowe, KC WR
58Matt Ryan, Atl QB
63Vernon Davis, SF TE
82A.J. Green, Cin WR
87Joseph Addai, Ind RB
106Plaxico Burress, NYJ WR
111Jets D/ST D/ST
130Kevin Kolb, Ari QB
135Lions D/ST D/ST
154Mason Crosby, GB K
Strengths: This is another team that benefited from getting a second rounder for his final pick in the draft. This team really has no apparent weaknesses. Good starters, good depth at positions. I really like the Blount and Matt Ryan picks for this team as I think both players will put up impressive stats this season.

Weaknesses: Despite the best picks in the draft, there is no way it is enough to overcome the most incompetent manager in our league. On top of that, I am very low on Michael Turner for this season. He has to hope Turner has one more slightly declining season in him, but I would be very worried that this is the year he falls off the cliff.

Overall: The extra pick helped him, and he has a team that probably won't put up huge numbers very often, but he should be consistently in any matchup throughout the season.

1Adrian Peterson, Min RB
25Steven Jackson, StL RB
48Ben Roethlisberger, Pit QB
49Steve Johnson, Buf WR
72James Starks, GB RB
73Chad Ochocinco, NE WR
96Malcom Floyd, SD WR
97Sam Bradford, StL QB
120Robert Meachem, NO WR
121Willis McGahee, Den RB
144Tony Moeaki, KC TE
145Hines Ward, Pit WR
159Chiefs D/ST D/ST
168Sebastian Janikowski, Oak K
Strengths: He's got Adrian Peterson, so that's a good start.

Weaknesses: He lost his second round pick for a pick in the final round, and that hurts his team quite a bit. There's really just not anything to get excited about with this team after his first pick.

Overall: He's got some solid guys, but he's got to hope that his running backs stay healthy and every other position has a career year. This team does not concern me in any way, shape, or form (which means I'll probably get upset by them and curse at my computer screen).

12Roddy White, Atl WR
13Calvin Johnson, Det WR
36Mike Williams, TB WR
37Cedric Benson, Cin RB
60Mark Ingram, NO RB
61Brandon Marshall, Mia WR
84Eli Manning, NYG QB
85Brandon Jacobs, NYG RB
108Brandon Pettigrew, Det TE
109Eagles D/ST D/ST
132Javon Ringer, Ten RB
133Terrell Owens*, FA WR
156Delone Carter, Ind RB
157Garrett Hartley, NO K
Strengths: Wide Receivers are definitely a strength as he took one with his first three picks. He also took one in the sixth round, so he's got depth and strength at that position.

Weaknesses: Everything else. I mean, the guy took Terrell Owens. His running backs are Cedric Benson and Mark Ingram. I like Ingram, but I don't know how many of the carries he's going to get with the depth that the Saints have at that position. And Cedric Benson sucks.

Overall: If he can put in four receivers (he can't), he'll be strong. So...yeah, this team sucks.

And that wraps up part one. I'll be back later this week with part two of the breakdown, and finish with rankings of the strongest teams in the league.


P.S. This video is awesome; I love this video.

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