Friday, December 28, 2012

UFC 155 Picks

Well, I haven't made fight picks in a while, so let's change all that and pick some money winners for UFC 155. It's not a great card, but it's solid, and seeing probably the two best heavyweights in the world square off should make for a good time for all. And to add another level to the fun, I will add a play on words for each of my picks. Where else are you going to find that sort of quality?

John Moraga (-170) over Chris Cariaso
Moraga has been tearing through fools lately, and his only loss is to the best flyweight in the world, John Dodson. Cariaso is a tough cookie, but I expect Moraga to chew through him on his way to a unanimous decision.

Todd Duffee (-350) over Philip De Fries
Duffee is back in the UFC and will probably a"salt" De Fries in the first round with a knockout.

Max Holloway (-375) over Leonard Garcia
Leonard Garcia is a gritty fighter, but the talent level seems to have passed him by. Unfortunately, after this second round TKO, Leonard will be saying Gar-seeya to the UFC.

Michael Johnson (-250) over Miles Jury
I really don't know much about Miles Jury, so this pick is coming from a place of partial ignorance. Johnson has looked impressive lately, so after this fight, the Jury will find Johnson guilty of a dominant decision win.

Erik Perez (-450) over Byron Bloodworth
Perez has torn through his two opponents in the UFC, and I do not expect that to change with this fight. Oh, there will be blood, but it will be Byron Bloodworth's, as he gets stopped in the first round.

Eddie Wineland (-120) over Brad Pickett
Wineland has struggled with wrestlers, but Pickett is from England, so the only wrestling he knows about involves William Regal. This should actually be a really fun fight to watch as I think both guys are going to throw down. Expect Wineland to crush Pickett like grapes in a decision victory.

Jamie Varner (Even) over Melvin Guillard
Shit, man, these are two guys that I hate predicting their fights, because they either dominate or completely shit the bed. I'm guessing that I'll be Smellvin Guillard's poopy pants when he gets caught in a submission in round one.

Constantinos Philippou (-110) over Tim Boetsch
Philippou has been dropping bombs on fools, but Boetsch seems like he is able to weather the storm and just keep coming. Still, absorbing punishment is never an ideal strategy for victory. Expect Philippou to be too much as he smacks that Boetsch up on his way to a decision win.

Jim Miller (-225) over Joe Lauzon
Miller does well when he can outwrestle his opponent, and he should be able to outwrestle Lauzon. Lauzon is a tricky dude, so I don't feel great about the pick, but this is most likely a run-of-the-Miller victory against J-Lau.

Derek Brunson (+140) over Chris Leben
I've never liked Leben, and he seems to have a lot of troubles outside of the octagon. With that many issues, it's hard to believe he still has the time to give the necessary training to keep improving. Brunson will do enough to have Leben looking like a real Munson in this fight.

Alan Belcher (-110) over Yushin Okami
Okami is really only impressive in the way he overpowers opponents. He has faced a lot of guys who were better served at welterweight. Belcher is a legitimate middleweight who has excellent striking ability. Yushin? More like Dushin, because he is going to get TKO'd by Belcher in the second.

Cain Velasquez (+160) over Junior Dos Santos
I picked Velasquez in the first fight, and a minute of action is not enough to change my mind on who is the better fighter. I have a horrible bias towards wrestlers, but that's because wrestling is super valuable in MMA. Cain had a bad knee in the first fight, so I expect him to take advantage of openings to take Dos Santos down. He took down Brock Lesnar with ease, and I cannot imagine that Dos Santos has wrestling on the level of Lesnar. Cain does have a tendency to keep his chin up, which could be bad for him, but I still believe that Cain is Able.

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