Friday, April 26, 2013

2013 NFL Draft: Day 2 Live Blog

No time for introductions; I'm already late on this (All times Central).

6:07 - Te'o just got drafted, which is actually a good pick. I don't understand why people were so low on him. Okay, I understand; it had to do with his make believe girlfriend. But outside of a bad game against Alabama, he played really well in his senior year. At worse, he's a solid starter, and he's shown good instincts which are very underrated in the drafting process. The guy reads and reacts incredibly quickly, but when a 350 pound monster is already on him, no, he's not very good, but few people are. Good for Te'o.

6:09 - Geno Smith goes right after him to the Jets. I had him behind both Manuel and especially Barkley. He's fine at quarterback, but I just don't see anything special from his games that make me believe that he's an impact talent. That being said, he may look like Joe Montana in comparison to Mark Sanchez.

6:23 - The last couple picks were not that exciting. I have an unhealthy love for people named Tank, but I am trying to hide that from the world. Tank Williams was a pro bowl safety in my mind and my mind only.

6:24 - I'm not trying to be a dick, but they need to get former NFL players who can pronounce the names. I had no idea who Mini Wasp was. Still, Raiders be Raidering.

6:26 - Now is as good of time as any that I really want Arthur Brown to fall to the Bears. I love undersized players who just go out and make plays. Oh, I guess in my fantasy land, they might take Matt Barkley too, but I don't see them realistically ditching Cutler.

6:54 - Thank God I was cooking dinner while the Bears just tried to piss me off by drafting a middle linebacker who was not the guy I wanted. I'll try to do more in depth Bears analysis after the draft after I can watch these guys more, but me no happy right now.

6:56 - Note from Lukewarm Jonah: Here's my first thought best player available is trey farquhar

7:00 - It should be noted that Jonah is a proud graduate of the University of Idaho, so that is why he has gotten slightly off the beaten path with his selection of best available. My best available is obviously Matt Barkley. I love me some Matt Barkley.

7:13 - Hey, a super successful team (Ravens) took the player I really liked and wanted the Bears to take (Arthur Brown). I can't wait to count up his pro bowls while cursing the Bears and Jonathan Bostic.

7:15 - Some things I need to address since I was busy eating. First off, the Pepper Jack burger and bacon and cheddar burger from the cheap grocery store both sound like great ideas. They fail in their execution of the ideas.

Also, I really like LeVeon Bell. In my mind, he was close to Lacy, but I think that he will for sure be a good back in the league. I really liked Giovani Bernard the most, but he went about a dozen picks earlier than the Steelers selected.

I would also like to say I have no issues with Jonathan Bostic. I honestly don't know much about Jonathan Bostic.

Wild prediction will be that somebody trades up to the back of the second round to select Matt Barkley.

7:21 - Montee Ball is definitely not better than Eddie Lacy. He's really not that good. All Wisconsin running backs were able to produce, so the only thing that really set him apart was more carries. He was always just very blah to me, he's not real strong, he's not real fast, he's not real great at anything. He's just kind of there.

7:36 - Eddie Lacy is a good guy for the Packers to obtain, but the help he provides Aaron Rodgers is not nearly as valuable what a real left tackle would have provided. Maybe that's why Bill Polian got fired. Actually, that is exactly why Bill Polian got fired; he never got real offensive linemen.

Also, Todd McShay mentioned something about a burn percentage earlier. That's my favorite stupid made-up stat of this draft.

7:52 - Lukewarm Jonah is here full time now: Time to join the live blog, damn the NFL for moving the draft so people with actual jobs can't spend all day watching the draft. Fun fact about me, I've actually been to two drafts, in 2005 and 2007 I waited in line overnight for hours and hours in order to sit in the room and listen to people's names get called

7:55 - LJ: Now onto this pick, Cleveland is up, do they take a QB? Or do they have faith in old man Wheeden?

Hott Joe: I love Barkley, and they already drafted a guy I loved in Mingo, so maybe they try to steal me from the Bears.

LJ: Honey Badger sighting, got to assume he's high as a mother fucker

Joe: When you're high all the time, I think it just becomes normal.

8:00 - LJ: You've got to respect Jacksonville's refusal to take a qb

Joe: They've already got Blaine Gabbert; what's the problem?

LJ: Exactly.

8:02 - LJ: By now I'm shocked more teams aren't taking qbs, great value at this point. I mean if they suck just have him hold a clipboard like Jimmy Claussen and pay them a few hundred thousand

Joe: Eh, there are still a lot of talented guys, and there are major questions about everybody but Barkley. (Tyrann Mathieu gets drafted)

LJ: Oh shit
Are the Cardinals planning to win every single game by return?

Joe: At least it's a plan.

8:05 - Joe: Poor Titans, nobody cares about your pick.

LJ: Haha very true, screw you other cornerback who actually played football this year

8:06 - LJ: I want the Jets to man up and take another QB

Joe: I have the perfect pick...Denard Robinson.

8:10 - LJ: possibly the greatest moment of the draft that I got to personally witness was the Jets take a kicker in the second round and shut up all their annoying fans all at once
Joe: To be fair, he did score more points than anybody else taken in that round that year. (I did no research to actually prove that).

8:15 - Joe: So, how many picks will be ignored because of Mathieu? LJ: What's the count now 3? I'll say 5 or 6 Joe: We are at 3. I think we will only get to four. LJ: unless of course a qb gets taken Joe: Mathieu really doesn't have much to say. I feel like teams think their QBs are way better than I personally think they are. LJ: He's got cottenmouth for some reason that's 4 and it was a qb Joe: I know, and ESPN didn't even flinch.

8:20 - Joe: Good lord, like I love the USA and our military, but this draft seems designed just so people don't consistently boo things. And without anger, a crowd really sucks.

8:30 - LJ: I like Keenan Allen a lot Joe: I'm in the same boat. My big concern is his ability to separate. LJ: thought he could have been late first without much effort Joe: He looks like a strider to me, which could make it tough for him to cut and get separation from good corners.

LJ: He's a big boy he'll get plenty of balls thrown his way too

8:37 - LJ: Buffalo is up its Kirk Cousins, I mean Ryan Nassib time Joe: It would be funny if the Bills just drafted three QBs and hoped one was good. LJ: I'm a big supporter of that strategy, I mean one of them will probably be good Joe: As long as one of them is Matt Barkley.

8:41 - Joe: I like the Moore pick at this point. There are question marks, but that sort of production is hard to pass up. And I also like the Jenkins pick. I have a love of large defensive tackles, ever since the good old days of Sam Adams and Ted Washington clogging up the middle for the Bears. I realize the Saints run a 3-4 now, but I still love big d-tackles. LJ: Fair, but the Saints will never be good at defense unless they're trying to cripple someone.

9:10 - LJ: Man this draft has slowed down Joe: Yeah, somebody needs to draft a Hawkeye or Vandal. LJ: Two best football programs in America Joe: Nobody can deny that. Hey, there's a pick I like, getting the band back together.

LJ: Oprah's husband? Joe: Hell yeah, I'd marry Oprah. LJ: me too

9:25 - Joe: Chiefs for Barkley? LJ: I was going to say as a former Kansas City Chief employee I strongly recommend a quarterback unless they still have Stanzi Joe: They do, and Alex Smith. LJ: I know they got Alex Smith It would kind of screw him over Joe: I don't think anyone sees Alex Smith as a long-term answer at QB, except Alex Smith. He would fit in well with Matt Barkley who says he would have been drafted before RG3.

LJ: Good thing KC got a third string running back instead
they have really fallen apart since I left

Joe: Nothing compared to what happened to the Sonics after you left. They couldn't even stay in the city.

LJ: very true same with the Portland Beavers I see a trend 

 Joe: Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Get a job with the Packers.

LJ: oh man that would be sweet they'd move to talahassee in a year or moscow 

Joe: Lambeau would just randomly implode. 

 LJ: yes "randomly" 

 Joe: Haha, and on that note, I think it is time to wrap this up. At least we can agree that the Packers can go to hell.


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