Saturday, November 9, 2013

6 Thoughts on Iowa vs. Purdue

Okay, initial thoughts going into this game can be summed up with, "Oh God, please don't blow this, please don't blow this, please don't blow this..." Purdue is so bad at football, but they really can't play any worse than last week, so they're bound for a bounce back. Still, even if they bounce to their best previous performance, Iowa should still win. I just want you to know that I was terrified going into this game, and that is strictly caused by Iowa's incompetence.

1. Purdue's whole game plan in the first quarter was attack Iowa on the outside. It's a very reasonable strategy, because Iowa really lacks great athletes, so beating them with speed is a solid plan. Iowa struggled early with it, but they made adjustments by keeping contain on the outside and funneling them back in where help can take care of the play.

2. The last play of the first quarter was a thing of beauty by Canzeri. That spin move was the most athletic thing I have seen from a Hawkeye in a long time.

3. That 34 yard pass from Rudock to Shumpert was one of the most depressing big gains a team can have. Shumpert had 5 yards on his defender, because Purdue decided to set a pick on their own team, but the ball was so badly underthrown that Shumpert had to do a 180 while catching the ball.

4. Rudock made up for it with that strike to Kevonte Martin-Manley. It wasn't the smartest throw, but he got it in there, so bravo to Rudock.

5. One thing that really stood out in this game is that holes seemed to be opening up earlier than normal. It made Canzeri the best running option as he is the best at accelerating quickly through a hole, where Bullock and Weisman take a little bit longer to get going, so the holes were closing before they could make it through. I'm looking forward to more Canzeri at the end of this season.

6. Honestly, this wasn't a pretty game by any standards, but Iowa did what they had to do. They ran until they wore down Purdue, and then they could basically do whatever they wanted in the second half. Nothing really stood out; Purdue just doesn't have the talent to compete in the B1G. Honestly, I'm not even sure if they could compete in the MAC.

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