Thursday, May 22, 2014

Scouting The 2014 NFL Draft: Chicago Bears Selection Pat O'Donnell

Now is the time for the most exciting of all the Bears draft picks, sixth rounder Pat O'Donnell. The man who is a game changer anytime he gets on the field. Before we get into him, here is a list of the guys I have already looked at from the Bears draft.

Round One - Kyle Fuller - CB - Virginia Tech
Round Two - Ego Ferguson - DT - LSU
Round Three - Will Sutton - DT - Arizona State
Round Four - Ka'Deem Carey - Arizona

Round Four - Brock Vereen - Minnesota

Round Six - David Fales - San Jose State

As I said, Pat O'Donnell is a game changer. There is nobody who makes big plays as consistently as this guy does. If he's only getting a 40 yard play, you can bet that he's going into the red zone with it. Also, he's not some glory boy who is all about touchdowns. In fact, he actively avoids the end zone, as it "isn't his thing." A lot of prospects in the draft are seen as boom-or-bust guys. Well, this guy is definitely a boom, as every time he touches the ball, that is what shortly follows.

Obviously, you want to see the highlights. Well, that's kind of an issue. Since he is not a glory boy, nobody cared to make highlights of all of his greatest moments. Still, this minute long tribute video does a nice job of showing the highest of his highlights. It will definitely leave you wanting more.

When you watch video of this guy, you won't be surprised that he was asked to star in the remake of NBC's hit show, "Hang Time." I was unable to confirm whether they were going to make a parody cop comedy starring him and former Bears offensive coordinator, Ron Turner entitled, "Turner and Pooch."

What the Bears acquired here is the Tom Brady of this draft, except he isn't going to wait to take the starting gig.
Teams cursing themselves for not taking him? Check.
Pro Bowls every year? For sure.
Super Bowl Championships? Definitely.
Coitus with Super Models? Oh, yeah.

So, yeah, I definitely approve of this pick. Great job, Bears. And Pat, we're happy to have you on our side.

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