Monday, May 26, 2014

Scouting The 2014 NFL Draft: Chicago Bears Selection Charles Leno Jr.

Finally, it is time to look at the Bears last pick of the 2014 NFL Draft, seventh rounder, Charles Leno Jr. If you are looking for a comprehensive breakdown of game film, you may want to keep looking on this one, because I am going to be spending most of my time looking at the intangibles that he brings to the table. Still, here are the only 42 seconds of cohesive game tape that I was able to find, so enjoy it.

He does his job on every one of these highlight plays. If he does that every time, he will be a perennial Pro Bowler. So that sounds good to me. Still, I am not quite able to fully sign off with that little bit of film. But there is one other thing about this late round pick that definitely needs to be addressed.

There is no way I can stop without talking about the elephant in the room. Although I did no actual research, I can confidently say that Charles Leno Jr. is related to Jay Leno. You may think with their difference in size, skin color, and first name that at best, they are only distant cousins. But after a complete lack of research, I learned that Jay is actually Charles's father. I have to say that it was a little surprising, but I learned that Charles "Jay" Leno earned his name early on in his life. He talked a little funny as a young lad, so when he introduced himself as Charles, everyone thought he said Jarles. Since Jarles is a ridiculously stupid name, they decided to call him Jay for short.

Obviously, this is a huge boon for the Bears locker room atmosphere. With Leno cracking wise with teammates, there is no way they won't have the best team chemistry in the entire league.

But it's not just inside the locker room that his quick wit will be a huge advantage. Imagine him lining up across from Ndamukong Suh and pulling a a newspaper out of his helmet just to show Suh the hilarious announcement of the Smelley-Kuntz wedding. Suh will be doubled over laughing while Matt Forte walks into the end zone. You can't make this stuff up, folks.

I will admit that things got weird towards the end of these Bears scouting reports, but I hope you have a better idea of what these rookies will be bringing to the table in their inaugural seasons.

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