Monday, August 17, 2015

The Vaudevillains Are the Most Entertaining Thing in Pro Wrestling

Right now is a really great time for pro wrestling. Yes, there are issues with the main product that WWE puts out, but even that area is having some fantastic matches from their top guys as opposed to just having bodybuilders with limited movesets. Still, wrestling is truly shining on the smaller stages, most notably through Lucha Underground and WWE's minor league organization, NXT. Living down in Florida, I'm partial to NXT, because I am fortunate enough to see it live. Recently, NXT has lost some of their biggest stars with promotions for NXT Champions such as Kevin Owens, Adrian Neville, Charlotte, and Sasha Banks, the singles division, although still great, is a little thin. This has given the tag division its time to shine, and no team has shined brighter than The Vaudevillains, as they are currently the most entertaining thing in pro wrestling.

Now I will admit to being a huge Aiden English fan since his days of opera singing before his singles matches, but it did take me a while to warm up to Simon Gotch. But since coming back from a short break, both guys are on fleek (I don't totally know what that means, but I'm nearly positive it's a good thing).

Through the magic of NXT, they have become these fully developed characters that are impossible to root against. In its simplest form, they are old timey strongmen who still believe in chivalry. They cannot hurt women, because how could any decent human being hurt a woman? And when a woman like Alexa Bliss hurts them, they are shocked, but their brains cannot even comprehend a reaction outside of standing there stunned.

It's work like this that can overshadow how great they are in the ring, but don't make that mistake, as they fully live the characters with every move. As Vaudeville performers, they not only want to win to show how manly they are, but they also want to perform, so every move is designed to entertain the masses. These guys aren't Adrian Neville or Sami Zayn with high flying acrobatics; despite their average sizes, these are strongmen, and they wrestle as such. What they lack in acrobatics, they more than make up for with crisp moves that match their characters. The whole combination is just fun to watch.

And that's really what's most important. They convey their characters, and anybody who watches them can get swept up and forget how stupid pro wrestling can be and just have fun. That's what makes The Vaudevillains the most entertaining thing in pro wrestling.

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