Monday, August 31, 2015

I'm All In On Jameis Winston

I had the opportunity to watch the Buccaneers play their second preseason game against the Bengals last Monday. It was a good chance to catch some football and do a little scouting for my upcoming fantasy drafts. And I have to say, after watching him play for just a quarter and a half, I am all in on Jameis Winston

Now logically, I know I can easily get really wrapped up in players when I see them perform live. The most prominent example of this is Sammy Watkins. In my head, I don't know if Watkins is a star wide receiver in the NFL, but in my heart, I know it to be a 100% fact from watching him torch Ohio State in the Orange Bowl a couple years ago. I cannot erase those memories. He was quick, he was crisp, and he was powerful. I don't know how Sammy Watkins can be stopped, and I hope he's healthy enough to prove it this year.

Also, I know that it was just a preseason game. I know that you can't judge a guy's numbers and make any sweeping conclusion about someone's talent in the preseason. But I'm not worried about the statistics, I'm worried about the process, and Jameis Winston showed the necessary processes to become a champion. 

Cincinnati's pass rush didn't look special, but Winston was also going through his progressions quickly and firing off strikes to his receivers. Although the Bucs looked good while Winston was in, they would have liked a whole lot better if offensive penalties wouldn't have put them in tough positions to keep drives going. Had they been able to clean up their play, they may have scored on every drive, because Winston was easily carving up the Bengals coverage. 

Jameis Winston is smooth, accurate, and unafraid to challenge defenders, and as Enzo Amore says, "You can't teach that." I know Winston may be controversial, but when it comes to football, he's going to be really, really good.


  1. He sure looked like a bitch playing against the Vikings first and second string.

    1. I saw some highlights where he threw some nice balls, but I didn't watch the game, because I've only seen one preseason game this year since I don't have cable.