Monday, September 21, 2015

I Support Players Celebrating While Getting Blown Out

I, as a hip young fella, generally support celebrating. I think most people in my age group do, because if somebody does something great, they kind of deserve to celebrate. I'd say I get little less comfortable if a player tries to rub somebody's face in their success, but it's gotta be pretty blatant before I start caring. Like, if a guy scores a touchdown and then immediately runs up to the defender to taunt him with the football, that's not cool, but I am in full support of a player watching his home run, because hitting a home run is super awesome, and you should be able to admire that without a pitcher being a fussy baby.

One place where I greatly differentiate from most sports fans is when it comes to celebrations from a player while his team is getting its ass kicked. People seem to think this is something that is truly awful, and I fully embrace it. It seems that people think that a guy who celebrates when his team is down big is an idiot (That may be the case;I think most athletes are stupid people; you kind of have to be to put yourself through that sort of pain and to have the sort of focus that is necessary to excel in such a singular field), but I don't think that's totally true.

I would actually say that celebrating when down big is actually the intelligent thing to do. Let's look at this logically. Think back to a time where you were getting your ass handed to you in a competition. It sucks, and honestly I still get irritated thinking back to these times. Anyway, if you are in the heat of the moment and the only thing you can think about is how badly you are getting your ass handed to you, you are going to perform even worse than you have been. An athlete needs to reset his mind. If he's thinking, "Man, my team is down 42-7" before every play, there is no way he will be celebrating. It takes a strong mental attitude to stay positive and continue to want to kick ass when things aren't going your way. If a guy finally succeeds and makes it into the end zone; let him high step, let him dance, hell, let him kiss a cheerleader (as long as she's cool with it). He's not thinking I just cut the defecit to 28 points; he's thinking he just did something awesome, and awesome things deserve a little celebration.

So take a note from these heroes. Don't continue to be negative no matter what happens; learn to enjoy the positives even on shitty days. You'll be a whole lot happier if you do.

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