Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Breaking Down the Logan Trailer

(Posted by Lukewarm Jonah)

I’m not one for breaking down trailers.  I mean, I broke down the Fast 7 trailer, but I have to do something in order to keep myself busy in between the release of the greatest movies of all time.  I saw the Logan trailer yesterday, and have watched it a good 10-15 times.  It’s incredible.  It has me unbelievably excited for this movie.

The basic gist of the trailer is that Logan is old now, and just hanging out with Professor X, living in a water tower.  Then somehow Professor X brings along a young mutant girl that Logan is reluctant to look after.  But then some dickheads come along and threaten the innocent girl and Logan has to beat the shit out of them for trying.  It’s a classic hero protects the innocent story but instead of Denzel or Liam Neeson saving the day with karate and/or guns it’s the mother fucking Logan saving the day with adamantium claws and skull fucking bad guys with his adamantium dick.  How can you not be pumped for that movie?  I mean look at Logan’s face when Dickhead McRobotarm puts the cuffs on that little girl.  Logan knows how to respond in that situation.  The proper response is always indestructible claws in your bitch ass cyborg face.  Oh what are you cyborgs going to do shoot him?  Sure his healing factor clearly has gotten worse than it was, but it’s still there.  He’s going to shake those bullets off and knock those stupidly tinted sunglasses off your face.  Anyways, below I’m going to post some potential spoilers on the movie, so if you’re not interested in learning what may happen stop reading.

The very first shot in the trailer is super important and hasn’t really been talked about.  This may come as a surprise but as someone who is obsessed with fantasy sports and professional wrestling, I’m a bit of a nerd.  Logan’s hand is trembling and covered in blood while Professor X asks in a heartbroken tone “Logan, what did you do?”.  What could cause Professor X to be so shocked and so saddened?  Well many people have noted the similarities between this trailer and the “Old Man Logan” story from the comics.  That story starts out with Logan killing the X-Men after being fooled by a powerful illusion.  I believe he may kill at least one of the X-Men, and after this he decides to go off the grid and live by himself so he won’t hurt anyone else again.  It’s very possible the grave he’s at in the trailer is one of his friends who died by his own hands.  It’s possible that his reduced healing and aging and scarring comes from his suicide attempts after he does kill someone he cares about, but he’s simply too powerful to die.

The young girl is almost certainly X-23, either a clone of Logan, or for the movie, another mutant who shares his powers almost exactly.  So she’s not exactly helpless, but she’s just a young girl and she’s going against the Reavers who have the upper hand on her.  Head Reaver Donald Pierce is also wearing some sunglasses that appear to be tinted red or orange.  They remind me of Mr. Sinister’s glasses, so I believe he’s in the movie as well.

I think it’s pretty clear that Professor X is dying in this movie, which will be another reason for Logan to go berserk on these Reaver cyborgs.  Logan loses his “father figure”, becomes a “father figure” to X-23, and I’m betting dies himself, sacrificing himself for the greater good allowing X-23 to live and and lead a new group of superheroes.


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