Tuesday, October 24, 2017

How To Get Paid Online: Amazon Ads

Since I lost my job last week, I decided to find alternative ways to bring in money. While I pursue a traditional 9-5, I am going to try making money with odd jobs from the comfort of my own home. And then I am going to turn those money making opportunities into content. This is the first of those opportunities.

As you may have noticed, the blog is being overtaken by ads (this post is especially being overtaken since I am trying to make a point, most will not be this blatant). I tried to keep it moderately subtle, but I still really need you to pay attention. I'm going to try to keep my integrity early on with these ads, and that is why Amazon dominates. Everybody uses Amazon, so it made the most sense to put their ads up first.

Even though I am trying to make money off of the blog now, I would never ask that you support a sponsor just because of an affiliation with the blog. Like, if you want to give me money, you can do it directly. I will gladly give up that Venmo or PayPal information, and I highly encourage that. But hey, if you're going to buy something off of Amazon anyway, click on one of the links on this page first, and then I'll make like three cents off of your purchase, and once you do that 35 separate times, I'll be able to get Casey The Dog a toy from Dollar General. Everybody wins.

As you can probably tell, I have no idea how this works, but shit, might as well try to make some money if I can. I'll try to update this post in a few months when I can have Casey The Dog pose with her new toy paid for by readers like you.

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