Tuesday, October 31, 2017

How To Make Money Online: ShareASale

Iowa Hawkeyes gear at Fanatics.com
How do you make money online? I seriously have no clue, so that is why I am investigating different ways to make it happen. Last week, I gave a very brief overview of Amazon ads, but it's too early to tell how lucrative that will become for me. Now it is time to check out a different sort of ad, ShareASale.

ShareASale partners advertisers with sites like mine in order for the advertisers to make big money and me to make a little bit of money any time that they get a sale through my website. Since I wanted to keep my integrity, I figured I would go with websites that I have actually used in the past. So I saw that Wayfair was a partner, and since my wife has bought stuff from them, I figured I could advertise and then get a percentage of the sale if somebody decided to buy an accent chair or some other worthless shit like that.

I applied to be a partner, and within a few hours, I had gotten my response: DECLINED

Well, shit, that didn't work out as planned. So, next off, I decided to search for brands that I know. both NFL and MLB Shop were available on this site, so I decided to submit my application to them to see if maybe I could drum up some business for some down-on-their-luck leagues who could use all of the help they could get.

The second story is the same as the first: DECLINED

Aw, crud. This was not going to be as easy as I hoped. So I moved on. I kept searching for a partner that would make sense for the blog, because, yo, I gots to get paid. Luckily, there were my good friends at Fanatics. Fanatics sells gear from yours and my favorite teams, so they were a fantastic fit, and they accepted to partner with me, so that was really nice of them.

I have no idea if this will be profitable, and honestly, I can't even remember how the commission structure works, but it can't hurt (I hope).

Anyway, you'll probably see some ads for Iowa Hawkeye gear and an occasional Chicago sport team, since that seems to be the desires of a majority of my readers. These, with Amazon ads will probably be the extent of advertisements on the website, as I do not have the know-how to give 65 pop ups like most porn sites (or so I've heard...from friends of friends, more acquaintances of acquaintances really). So if you're going to buy stuff, click on those links, and help me not get evicted from my home.

And hopefully I can update this post in a week when I am doing in from the comfort of my brand new mansion.
Iowa Hawkeyes gear at Fanatics.com
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