Tuesday, November 7, 2017

How To Make Money Online: Project Payday

So in my efforts to make money in unconventional ways during my hiatus from the normal 9-5, I looked for anything that might help me make some scrilla. That led me to Project Payday which would pay you for taking surveys. This sounded great to me as I am excellent at answering questions, and my opinion should count.

So I signed up and started getting emails about surveys I was qualified for. To say these offers were a slap in the face would be a huge understatement. Like, my time doesn't have a ton of value, but it does have some value, and the price they were putting on my time was insulting. Let's go through the first offer that I received.

TV Survey - $1.50
Average time to complete: 50 minutes

Yes, that means they valued my time at three cents a minute or $1.80 per hour. Holy shit, how do they get anyone to agree to do this? And this was not an outlier. Currently on their website, I have this wonderful array of surveys to choose from.

Household Shopping Experiences Survey - $1.25
Family Survey - $0.35
Consumer Opinion Survey - $0.25
Canada Pet Owners - $0.75

Seriously, do people not value their time at all? I have no idea how this business plan works, so this gets a huge thumbs down from me. Of course, if they up their rates to $2 an hour, all bets are off, because everybody's got a price.

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