Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Chicago Bears Took Their 7th Round Pick (Jav)on a Wims

The Chicago Bears concluded their 2018 NFL Draft by adding size at the wide receiver position with Georgia pass catcher, Javon Wims. Now, it's the seventh round, so it's tough to get super excited about guys at this point. Below is how he tested at the combine.

Well, he certainly did test, but unless you get your rocks off seeing 81st percentile in weight, it's tough to get too amped up about this. Also, his arm length is shockingly short for a man that tall. T-Rex is not the animal I want my receiver to be built like, but again, it's the seventh round so you get what you get.

By searching YouTube, I found out that he has two nicknames in "Juice" and "Jump Ball," but he clearly prefers Juice as that is what he refers to himself as on Twitter.

Did I find anything else interesting about Wims? His tenth best comp according to his testing numbers was Mo Brown, a really tremendous Iowa Wide Receiver. How did his pro career go? Well, let's not worry about that.

Javon Wims is a football player.

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