Monday, February 1, 2010

A Happy Day

Things have been going pretty well for both my rooting interests and predictions in sports lately which is a nice change of pace. Sure, Iowa basketball still sucks, badly, but Iowa wrestling dominated two meets so overall I'm pretty happy with the Iowa sports programs right now.

I predicted every fight but one correct on the Strikeforce card, and the one I got wrong, I put as the best chance of their being an upset. This is just further proof that I know my shit and my opinion should be as well respected as The Pope's.

Finally, the Bears did something right today and hired Mike Martz. Everybody is focusing on how this affects Jay Cutler, but he is not the person that I am most intrigued by with this hiring. Let's face it, Jay Cutler is awful, but if he is going to succeed in any offense, it's going to be this one, so we will finally be able to decide whether Jay Cutler is semi-worthless or completely worthless. As much as it pains me to say it, I think he will prove to only be semi-worthless.

The person that this affects way more is Matt Forte. Now, most idiots think this will hamper him and he will never run the ball. This is where they are very, very wrong. Forte is the first pass catching running back that Martz has had since Marshall Faulk. I don't think the Bears will pass a ton more than they did this past year, so I see Forte's running numbers improving as well as him still being a big time option in the passing game. If Forte stays healthy, I expect a huge year from him.

The biggest question mark for the Bears offense is will they be able to succeed without a good offensive line? I think Martz knows this, and I expect the Bears to aggressively pursue offensive linemen to help his offense succeed. This is all wishful thinking, but while we're at it, maybe Martz knows some special trick to make Orlando Pace look like he has a heartbeat.

I usually don't have many things to celebrate when it comes to sports, so today is a happy day.


P.S. Also, my boy, Mark Prior, is throwing off a mound again. Can you say fantasy sleeper?

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