Monday, February 8, 2010

Quick Thoughts

No overwhelming theme on my mind, so I'll just go over a few random things:

Sean Payton has balls of steel, and that is why his team won. A lot of coaches like to play things safe, because then they don't get second guessed on their calls. Sean Payton went to win the game. Unexpected onside kicks are recovered 70% of the time, so it definitely made sense statistically. But if they don't recover it, and they end up losing, every member of the media is blaming Payton for the loss. He didn't give a shit about that and just went for the win, and it would be difficult to rank any head coach above him for the job that he has done with the Saints.

Also, nice job by Gregg Williams. He talked a big game about giving Manning some "Remember Me" shots during the game, but played very conservatively since Manning destroys the blitz. He showed tons of different looks, and although they didn't stop Manning, they contained him enough to win the game.

I am still refusing to think Paulo Thiago is that good. Swick has looked awful in his last two fights, and he got caught. Although, I had to rewind that fight about three times to catch how in the hell he choked him out.

I don't think all Brazilian Jiu-jitsu black belts are legitimate. Paulo Thiago was a case of a guy who deserves his, and Nate Marquardt just doesn't seem to quite be at the top of the jiu jitsu game. The only submissions he tried were guillotine chokes, and he was not moving his hips at all from the bottom. I understand part of that is Sonnen controlling him, but I think this is a case where some black belts are more deserved than others.

Peyton Manning has slowly grown on me, and outside of the interception, he had another great game. He's probably the greatest quarterback to every play in the NFL. Even though Brees is getting all the attention for his performance (well deserved), Peyton Manning's pass on the run to Dallas Clark was just as good as his pass down the middle to Austin Collie two weeks ago. He may only have one ring, but I don't think that the Colts would be nearly as effective if he was replaced by anybody else in the league.

Roger Goodell is talking about eliminating the three point stance. If that happens, it may decrease concussions, but offensive linemen will have a way easier time getting leverage meaning that running games could dominate again.

Tyrus Thomas got suspended by the Bulls again. He's still the man.

If the Bulls could trade Kirk Hinrich and John Salmons, they'd have enough cap room to get LeBron and Bosh. If they ended up just signing someone like Joe Johnson, they'd look like a bunch of assholes, but I think the risk is worth the possible reward.

Now that the Super Bowl is over, what season is it? With Iowa being awful and me hoping that the Bulls try to get rid of as many contracts as possible, it really doesn't feel like basketball. It's still a little early for me to get too excited for the NFL Draft. I'd like to say it's wrestling season, but outside of the states of Iowa and Oklahoma, I don't think I'd get much support. I guess it's time to recognize the Countdown to Wrestlemania.

More and more of my friends are getting married, having kids, and buying houses. They are real adults. I am nowhere near that stage in my life, and I may never get there.

If anybody knows any rich women looking to make a young stallion like myself an International Playboy, let me know. I feel it's my life's calling.


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